It’s Okay—You Can Stare at My Chest


2012-10-17 14.33.32

I have an addiction to tee shirts, not just any tee shirts, but pop culture tee shirts, and not just any old pop culture tee shirts, but the unique, available for 24 hours only, pop culture tee shirts found on sites like, and

Shirts from Comic Con

Shirts from Comic Con

I have far more shirts than I want to count because then I might have to admit I have a problem, which I don’t. I have a collection which I have complete control over. The tee shirts do not control me!! I am not their bitch. I’m not , I swear.

Dr. Who and Torchwood shirts

Dr. Who and Torchwood shirts

Anyway, I have an obscene amount—um a lot of tee shirts. Here is a picture of most of them. I can’t show all of them because some are tucked away as gifts. My kids also like them, or at least they are given a lot of them, and some are still being shipped to me!

80's movie shirts

80’s movie shirts

The reason I know I’m okay with my collection and that it doesn’t rule me the way bushido ruled foolishly optimistic samurai bound to death by their honor is because I have rules which I always follow.

Rule 1: I never buy the shirt right away. I always wait a bit and usually show it to my hubby when he gets home from work. If I can’t remember what the shirt is a few hours later, then it isn’t a buy.

Rule 2: Okay this one is more a justification—I do buy them for gifts also. I mean I always get one for myself, but I do buy them for my kids and sometimes other family members if it’s something really special.

Rule 3: I never buy from any of the UK sites. It’s not that I don’t like them, because I do, but the cost of shipping is as much as the shirt, so that is a no-no. The shirts usually come around to the US sites eventually.

Original art work

Original art work

Now I do have to admit that I have help with my addiction. There is an email service called The Tee Keeper, and every morning I wake up and there are the daily shirts for EIGHT DIFFERENT TEE SHIRT SITES, IN MY EMAIL, JUST FOR ME!!!!!!!
Anyway it is very nice and helpful.

Kids shows and cartoons

Kids shows and cartoons

My hubby helped me with photos. He made me include all my Comic Con tee shirts, which are free and therefore not part of the problem. Also I counted them—um right now—not including the ones I have tucked away for gifts or the ones that have yet to be shipped to me—I have 49 tee shirts. That’s not excessive is it????

Browncoats unite!

Browncoats unite!

British Goodness

British Goodness

Do you have any addictions—um collection? Are there rules you make yourself follow?

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  1. I had a huge collection of smart ass t-shirts. In packing for this trip, I donated most of them. The fun is in the collecting anyhow. Besides, now I have closet space for some shirts 😀

  2. Great post, Alica. Love the tees. I have tendency to collect shoes and great bottles of wine. Both of which one can never have enough. The wine can serve as a wonderful impromptu gift, too, right??

  3. Oh my goodness! 49 t-shirts? Then again, the male part of my family (everyone but me) makes fun of how many shoes I have. Apparently, guys only need like five pair of shoes, but I have, um, more than that (multiply by 5 or 6).

    I am eyeballing the Peace, Love, Grammar shirt I featured on my blog the other day. That is so me. If only it would show up under my Christmas tree…

  4. Your collection is awesome! What a fun selection of shirts! I have a huge collection of comic books. I haven’t collected in awhile, but I’m still addicted to Spider-Man. 😉

    • Thanks Diana- I could easily start collecting comics/manga/graphic novels if I could afford them. But I have trouble paying 15 dollars or more for a book I can read in an hour. Maybe once the children are gone *sighs*

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