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Korean Teens, Blog Fun, and an Update


Can’t get enough teen RomComs?

I know they get formulaic and trite after a while, which is why you should watch My Tutor Friend 2, a Korean teen RomCom. It is cute, with lots of Korean culture which makes the story unique, well, for non-Koreans at least. There are the misunderstands, pranks, teasing, confusion, deep emotional trauma, and the hot guys and girls that we need in all our teen RomComs, with the added bonus of learning more about life of college kids in Korea.

This was fun silly movie. I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

Sorry the only trailer I could fine is in Korean

Sorry between being sick and jury duty I didn’t have time to read blogs 😦 I will bring you extra special ones next week.

I Saw the Devil


You know those movies where the good guy arrests the bad guy instead of killing him or her? Or the one where the bad guys dies and it’s over so quickly that you feel cheated and you’re yelling at the screen “He needed to suffer, suffer and then die.” I hope that’s not just me?

Anyway I Saw the Devil is not one of those movies.

This is a movie about revenge, about making the bad guy pay for every second of pain he caused you. This is a movie that makes you wonder how cruel and sadistic you could be if faced with the same type of monster.

I never felt sorry for the bad guy – not once, but the revenge began to leave a sour taste in my mouth and I wondered if it was worth it. When Kim Soo-hyeon is done, when he finally kills Kyung-chul does he feel vindicated? Will he look back on the horrors he’s committed, on the taint left on his soul, and be happy?

This is an amazingly well done movie. I was riveted and disgusted the whole time. It mentions sexual violence, and we see a young girl about to be raped and a young woman who is forced to strip and perform oral sex, both are stopped by our hero. This is not a movie for children and only for older teens if you think they can handle graphic realistic sadistic violence.

If you have ever wanted to see a movie where the good guy kicks ass and the bad guy suffers for his crimes, then this is the movie for you.

Korean sci-fi


2009 Lost Memories- I have another Korean movie for you. This one has a bit of a sci-fi theme to it. It’s an alternate reality where Japan joined America in WWII and then took over Korea and most of Eastern Asia. I had fun watching this movie. Hubby and I yelled at the TV during the cheesy parts and got into the drama of the plot during the rest. There were some parts where the film was grainy- maybe they ran out of money for special effects?

One thing I enjoyed is as the hero grows and changes the differences between the Korean and Japanese cultures become more pronounced.

All in all it was fun- and if you’re a fan of Korean, sci-fi, and/or time travel movies then go watch this one. Again not the best but all in all very fun, esp. if you have someone to yell at the screen with you.

Foreign Film Friday


I have three very different horror movies for you to pick from today. I hope you find one you like, and make sure to tell me if you ever watch any of the movies I post here. I’d love to know if you enjoyed it.

Kibakichi is a Japanese movie about demons and a samurai werewolf. The fight scenes have everything you want in a cheesy Japanese movie: swords, wire work, cheesy sound effects , and spurting blood. The bummer- the movie is long and the fight scenes are at the beginning and end, leaving a large chunk of plot and backstory in the middle- it’s good, interesting, and beautifully shot but I was expecting more action in a horror movie. BUT the ‘bad guys’ are dressed like Goth/matrix/samurai and are super cool. Leather/vinyl coats, long pony tails, and the whole badass vibe going on.
This is a fun movie, not a great one, however both my husband and I got interesting story ideas watching this movie. So go watch it. Have fun. And be inspired. There is so much urban fantasy/paranormal out there right now, this movie can give you a fresh look and unique ideas for your story ideas.
This movie is great IF you like bad camoy horror movies- other wise try one of my other picks for today.
Here’s the trailer

Cold Prey is an AWESOME horror movie. Five friends go snowboarding for spring break- it’s a Norwegian movie- something happens (I won’t give it away) and they have to take refuge in an abandoned hotel where there is a psycho waiting for them.
This film is well acted. The woman are intelligent and they never do the high pitched horror movie scream. The one thing they do wrong is important to the plot so it can be forgiven. I jumped at several place. They built the tension really well and didn’t throw something at you at every opportunity.
This is a great slasher flick, if you liked the original Friday the 13th and Halloween then you will like Cold Prey.

Thirst is a Korean vampire movie. It’s unique in that the focus is more on human nature then the horror aspect of being a vampire. Kang-ho Song, is the lead playing a priest who volunteers for a drug test and winds up as a vampire. Chang-wook Park directs. I will pick up movies by either of these people.
It’s a dark creepy movie, not for children and you might want to watch it first before deciding if you want your teen to see it. There are some very disturbing scenes.

Want more foreign films? Go check out Subtitled Online

Foreign Film Friday


Welcome to the second installment of Foreign Film Friday. Today’s movie is ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Weird’ a Korean Western. Yes, I did say Korean Western. There is a great new genre of movies called sushi-westerns coming out of Asia. These movies are Asian- they have Asian actors, themes, costumes, and ass kicking martial arts, and yet they are set in Old West American type towns.
“The Good, The Bad, and The Weird” follows two bounty hunters- one ‘good’ – Woo-sung Jung and one ‘bad’ – Byung-hun Lee and an odd misfit- the weird- played by one of my favorite Korean actors- Kang-ho Song.  The three men are after a treasure map, which they all have possession of at one point in the movie. It is basically one long chase scene. It’s funny and the fights are great and the acting is wonderful. Please, if you like action/comedy,martial arts, western movies  The Good, The Bad, and The Weird is one you’ll enjoy.