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Phoenix Child

There should be a law, a Universal Rule, to limit how much weirdness can happen to a person.

Fourteen-year-old Sara walks into the San Francisco Circus Center determined to ignore the freaky things happening to her. As powers she doesn’t want and can’t control overwhelm her, Sara must decide if she can trust the strangers who say they are her family, with a common ancestor from four thousand years ago who happens to be a god.
Sara clings to her life as a group home kid, successfully working the system as dreams, powers, and magical creatures drag her towards her destiny.

Sometimes great things are thrust upon us. Sara just wishes hers didn’t include a new name, unicorns, and catching on fire.

I have temporarily taken Phoenix Child down to do yet another level of editing and revising. This should be the last time- my hubby is already threatening to divorce me LOL!

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  1. Just finished reading Phoenix Child, really enjoyed it 🙂 Was wondering if it would be ok if I reviewed it on my blog? I’ve only really just started blogging but have done 3 other posts on books so feel free to go over and check out my writing. I’d be happy to send you the review before posting if you would prefer, (atm it’s only in draft/note form in a notebook). Just let me know 😀

  2. Hello Alica,

    I would love to read you book the only problem is I do not own a kindle and that seem to be the way I can access it. So do you sell your book in PDF format or as a paper/hard back?

    • Until the 20th I am doing an amazon promo but then I will have my book back up on smashwords. I have a proof copy of a hardback which I need to edit and re-format before it goes up for sale. I’ll post here again to let you know when smashwords is up and ready.

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    • I am so sorry, I was reading a paper copy of Phoenix Child and found a bunch of mistakes so I took it down for re-editing. I am so sorry that I forgot to post it. I will re-post when I have to fixed up and re-posted.

  4. Just wondered if you plan to continue to write fabric or are you so busy writing your books now to do so? I hope you continue. I enjoy your words very much.

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