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Very Annie Mary


Alica Mckenna Johnson, Very Annie Mary, movies
This is a British movie about an awkward girl in a small village named Annie Mary (Rachel Griffiths). Her asshole father (Johnathan Pryce) made me want to kick him. As with most small town British movies and shows the town is filled with quirky characters. One of my favorites is played by Ioan Gruffud. And to top it all off, it’s a musical (kind of). At times the silly/embarrassing things that Annie Mary gets herself into made me hide behind my hands, but all in all I really liked watching her find her way.

Need a Dose of Sherlock Holmes?



As we wail and languish in fangirl purgatory waiting for Sherlock to come back we have a wealth of past Sherlock Holmes movies and shows to keep our addiction at bay.

I just finished watching With Out A Clue a wonderfully funny Sherlock Holmes mystery filmed in 1988. Michael Caine plays Sherlock and Ben Kingsley plays Doctor Watson. Dr. Watson is the brilliant deductive mind and Holmes reminds me of Inspector Clouseau.

Do you have favorite Sherlock Holmes? Well other than Sherlock 🙂

RPG in Iceland


Astropia is a fun quirky movie from Iceland. I can’t remember seeing a movie from Iceland before, and I’m very happy with my first choice.

As Hildur finds her way after her boyfriend is put in jail, she slides between reality and fantasy. But not creepy fantasy, RPG fantasy. If you enjoy role-playing games, or know some one who does, or know just a little bit about them, then this is a movie you’ll enjoy. It’s sweet, funny, and like all good stories has a happy ending.

There isn’t much to say about Astropia, because I don;t want to give anything away. I liked it a lot, it was fun way to spend my afternoon.