Dear Buddah I’d like a pony ….

Photo by Red

Photo by Red

I don’t know what I want for Christmas. My hubby says I’m hard to shop for, and I’ve never thought so because don’t I want everything? But apparently I don’t because I’m not even sure what I want!

At first hubby showed me a statue he was thinking of getting me, gifts over a certain amount we always check with each other unless we know they really want it. Anyway, it’s a beautiful statue of Quan Yin, and I would love it- but *sighs* of course there is a but, I don’t have a lot of room and my bedroom, where I would keep it, I just don’t spend that much time in.

Then I thought, what about a spa day? I could get a massage and fun spa treatments and totally pamper myself. That sounds like heaven, but I would be by myself and that doesn’t sound like fun. I’d rather do a spa day with someone else šŸ˜¦ Plus surely I can think of a better way to spend that money.

Then I saw this post by Julie Glover on gifts for writers. I’ve heard a lot about Scrivener but I’ve never used it- it seems all shiny and one can never have too many writerly things right???

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ACK! So what should I do? Do you have any other ideas of what I should ask Santa for? Do you use Scrivener? Do you like it? Please help me figure out what to get for Christmas.

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  1. I was wary about Scrivener at first, wondering what it would add to just writing in Word or whatever. But it really is designed with writers in mind so you can organize your novel. Plotters can use virtual note cards and outlines to plan out their whole novel, while pantsers can write and write, knowing that it will be easy to come back later and move whole chunks around or add layers. It’s a very reasonable price for a good tool. Obviously, I’d say go for it!

    You can also ask for hubby to pick up the tab on a future writers workshop or conference or maybe a Writers Digest subscription (if you don’t have one yet). And the pony is always a great last resort idea. Who doesn’t want a pony?

  2. I have to put in a plug for Scrivener, too! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now on my current WIP. I will never write the old way again! Even though I’m still learning it, I love it. I’m asking for Gwen’s class on my list (Julie listed it)–and maybe her book, too. šŸ™‚

  3. I can’t possibly praise Scrivener highly enough. The only reason I even use Word anymore is because my editor does. šŸ˜¦ It gives you places to organize your research (you can even import web pages and images), easily rearrange scenes, take “snapshots” of files you plan to make major changes to (so you can easily revert to the old version if the changes don’t work out after all), set daily and project targets…I could go on and on and on.

  4. Alicia, I haven’t used Scrivener very much, I use a freeware package called yWriter, written by an author called Hal Spacejock (his actual name is Simon Haynes). I’ve puddled in it for several years, and I think these packages help you organise your writing If you are someone who likes to be organised, but if you write organically then you might be better off asking him for ‘writing time’ away from other responsibilities.
    I’m not a big fan of stuff – I find it ends up owning you, so an experience is also a great gift. Don’t think if the spa as an expensive afternoon, but as an opportunity to daydream about your characters- heck, it could even be a work-related expense if you are really savvy.
    Good luck, and Merry Christmas

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