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Three fingers of Doom or Cartoon


I am sure you have noticed that in cartoons the characters frequently have only three fingers, which is odd. I’m guessing it’s easier on the artist and makes their hands look more normal from further away. Maybe the newer ones have more fingers, but the old ones—three fingers.

Now I could go and research the reason for this, but I’m lazy so if anyone knows please leave it in the comments 🙂

Now here is the interesting part—or at least I hope to make it sound interesting.

I notice while watching such fine programming as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures that the crew will sometimes get scratched. And it is always three scratches, as if the entity has only three fingers.

Three fingers, people, and this means something! I’m not sure if it means that early cartoonists were plagued by ghostly entities, and they tried to process their nightly hauntings through their work? Or maybe spirits like cartoons and have decided to take on the shape of our beloved childhood icons. Maybe your house is being haunted by a ghost assuming the shape of Elmer Fudd or Tweety Bird!

I don’t know—what do you think? Is there a similarity between the three-fingered cartoons and evil scratching spirits?

A French Cat Burglar, Awesomeness, and an update


A Cat in Paris is a fun animated movie. By day the cat, is the loving pet of a hurt little girl, by night he assists a cat burglar. This was a bit more violent than I thought it would be; they actually fist fight at one point. Of course, the cat makes sure the hero wins.

Not a movie for sensitive kids, or really young ones. But I thought it was very cute. I would watch it again.

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I thought about doing an update of my general life and how things are going, because I know you all care 🙂 Not much to report- I have done yoga or gone to the gym every day this week. I’m more active on FB and Twitter again, and back to reading blogs. I have written some, but life has been crazy so unfortunately I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping too.

How was your week> Any excited plans for the weekend?

Foreign Film Friday


I wanted to lighten things up a bit for my seventh Foreign Film Friday so I’m picking a kids movie “Kirikou and the Sorceress’ This is a French cartoon- so beautifully drawn it takes your breath away. It’s about a baby boy Kirikou who lives in a traditional African village- this means the kids are running around naked and the woman wear sarongs but no tops- this is in no way sexual, but simply how they live. Kirikou manages to outsmart the evil Sorceress who has been tormenting his village and saves them from her rule. You can get the French version- but it was done in English with lovely accents. It is a very fun movie that was shown at my local indie theater during their Children’s International Film Festival, I fell in love with it instantly! I will be reviewing at least two more of films directed by Michel Ocelot so if you enjoy Kirikou keep an eye out for more of his work. I couldn’t find a trailer but here is a clip.