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Harry Potter, Steampunk, and the Beauty of Nature



The Pendant Garden has a huge variety of tempting, affordable necklaces for many types of geeks. These handcrafted pendants of fine art photos are set in silver or copper, covered with a crystal clear, domed, glass cabochon, and come with a chain.

I am enchanted by the beauty of these pendants, and am trying to figure out how to pick my favorites so I can buy one or two or ten!

They make pendants for Harry Potter fans.


Science geeks.


Steampunk lovers.


Fantasy fiends

Pendant Garden

Pendant Garden

The Pendant Garden has a 100% satisfaction rating.

So, my little shoppers, what geeks in your life would enjoy these pendants? I am making a list and will start getting birthday and Christmas gifts soon. And before I forget, buy three pendants and get a fourth free!

Geek Parenting—You Know You’re Doing it Right.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Yesterday as my family and I were hiking, my kids started singing songs from Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I was so proud. And anyone who passed us knew what awesome parents we are. But sometimes our kids are just too young to make sure our awesome parenting skills are known.

Well, now we have help at Geek-A-Bye Baby. Elizabeth Nelson knits and sews the most wonderful items for your baby, so everyone can know you are teaching them the important things in life.

Wonderful hats to keep your baby’s head toasty warm.


Lovely toys so they can learn the geek ways early.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Cool diaper bag, so both mom and dad can take the baby out in style.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

You can bring out one of her geek-themed changing pads and make sure everyone knows you are a quality parent, even if you have a dorky diaper bag someone gave you at your baby shower.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Geekabye Baby has a 99% satisfaction rating, and I now need a baby to buy things for!

Classiness for the Geek


Reading Fan Girl, Downton Abbey, charm bracelet ,

Downton Abbey Charm bracelet photo from Reading Fan Girl

Every once in a while too horrific happens, and I have to dress up. And not just jeans instead of yoga pants paired with one of my nicer pop culture tee shirts instead of an older faded one. I mean shower, dust off the heels, wear grown-up stylish clothes, and possibly apply make-up. But even though I’m all dressed up, I still want to be me. So how do I honor my geeky fangirl soul and fit in at whatever function I’m being forced to go to?

Thankfully there is ReadingFanGirl on etsy. She has classy, beautiful jewelry that is subtle enough to pass inspection from the non-geeks but fangirly enough that other geeks in the room will send you nods of camaraderie, as they too have been forced to conform for the night.

Rose Brown creates Harry Potter jewelry such as Hermione’s Time Turner.

Time tuner, Alica Mckenna Johnson, Reading Fan Girl, Harry Potter

Time Turner, by Reading Fan Girl

Charm bracelets for Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and The Hunger Games.

Alica Mckeann Johnson, Sherlock, Reading Fan girl charm bracelet

Sherlock charm bracelet, by Reading Fan Girl

The sweetest hobbit doors.

Hobbit, necklace, Alica Mckenna Johnson, Reading Fan Girl

Hobbit Door by Reading Fan Girl

Plus much more. It would be hard for me to choose just one item! Do you have a favorite?

ReadingFanGirl has a 99% satisfaction rating. And you can follow her on Facebook

Alice in Wonderland by Reading Fan Girl

Alice in Wonderland by Reading Fan Girl

Computer Geeks, Accessorize!!!

Gifts for Geeks, Alica Mckenna Johnson

Picture from GeekkiBoutikki

GeekkiBoutikki is a fun little Etsy shop that allows you to show your computer geek pride and look amazing at the same time.

The owner, Roxy, uses old floppy disks to make pencil holders, boxes, and purses. Perfect for the eco geek who wants to be très chic. 🙂

Gifts for Geeks, Alica Mckenna-Johnson

Picture from GeekkiBoutikki

She also makes jewelry from delicate silver chains and translucent, blue, electrical components. A perfect way to weed out potential partners; if they don’t recognize what your necklace is made of, they aren’t the man or woman for you. Multipurpose accessories are always a good thing. 🙂

Picture from GeekkiBoutikki

Picture from GeekkiBoutikki

GeekkiBoutikki has a 100% satisfactory rating, and Roxy has been generous enough to offer all of us a 20% discount code!! So go and shop for yourself, for an upcoming geeky friend’s birthday or perhaps start stockpiling for Christmas, and then type in this code: GKBTK1 and get 20% off!

Picture from GeekkiBoutikki

Picture from GeekkiBoutikki

Dr. Who Steampunk Bling


Gifts for Geeks is a new blog series I am starting. There are so many talented artists in the world trying to sell their unique creations, and while I can’t buy from everyone I can certainly entice and tease my readers into checking them out. So I shall make it my sworn duty to hunt down those people making jewelry, clothes, art, shoes, bags, etc. that speak to my Geeky little heart.

Dr. Who, TARDIS, Steampunk, necklace, The Broken Sprocket, Alica Mckenna-Johnson

TADRIS Gears Necklace

Shannon Dickey artist of The Broken Sprocket on etsy.com is making the cutest Dr. Who and Steampunk jewelry. I saw a picture of one of her TARDIS Gears Necklaces on Facebook, and was so sad to find someone had bought it already.

I emailed her and asked if she was making more, she said yes, and then was kind enough to email me once it was posted for sale.

Squealing I quickly clicked the link and saw my prize a brand new TARDIS Gears necklace for the amazing price of $15.00. Now as many of you I was nervous about buying from an unknown source but I was willing to risk $15 for Dr. Who goodness.

Gifts, Alica Mckenna-Johnson, The broken Sprocket

Look at these beautiful boxes!

I waited, impatiently as I always do, and finally my husband brought me a package from the mail- I made him stand outside and wait for it to come. I opened the yellow padded envelope and a beautiful box tied up with black cloth ribbon decorated with white gears was inside. I hadn’t just bought myself a goodie, I had bought myself a gift, a wonderful present just for me.

I opened it up and found a sweet necklace. It’s light, the gears are suspended in a clear resin which makes the TARDIS look like it is floating. I loved it, and wore it until the two year old try to take it from me and then I hid it from his evil little hands. He might work for the Master, or the Daleks.

I emailed Shannon letting her know how much I enjoyed my necklace and to please let me know when there would be more. A few weeks later she said there were more up. I waited until pay day and bought myself a matching TARDIS Gears ring, and a necklace and pocket watch for my daughter. I also received a lovely pair of TARDIS Gears earring, which are made out of bottle caps and have the cutest little skeleton keys attaching the posts to the earring piece.

Dr. Who, Steampunk, jewlery, ring, earrings, The Broken Sprocket

My Dr. Who ring and earrings.

I am now all decked out in Steampunk Dr. Who bling, and I love it. These are fun pieces, I’ve gotten several complements on them and I haven’t even gone to a geek convention yet- I shall be a major hit at Comic Con just wait! But what is so lovely about the treasures at The Broken Sprocket, the prices are so reasonable. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for gifts for a Dr. Who/ Steampunk loving child the prices will allow you to deck yourself or loved one out in style.

Steampunk, pocketwatch, The Broken Sprocket, Alica McKenna Johnson

Steampunk, Zodiac Pocketwatch, photo from The Broken Sprocket

The Broken Sprocket has a 100% satisfaction rating from 16 customers, she’s made 59 sales, people don’t forget to rate and review!

Yes, I do have some of her work and I would/will get more.

Go check out her wonderful store, which she just updated with all new wonderful jewelry, hurry before I buy it all.

Steampunk, necklace, jewlery, The Broken Sprocket,

Skeleton Key and Gears Necklace from The Broken Sprocket.

What is your favorite piece from The Broken Sprocket?