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Shopping for the Zombie Apocalypse


Zombies are big right now. Dreaming of the apocalypse, a time of no cell phones and getting to kill the people who piss you off, but only if they’re zombies of course, *whistles innocently* is something many of us daydream of. But this is serious business.

I mean what if something happens? What if there is a virus/catastrophe/fall of all that we know? Are you ready?
I thought I was ready until my son bounded out of his room all excited and showed me this:

Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet, for a mere $23,999 you can have the most comprehensive extermination and research kit I’ve ever found! It is sweet, and there a ton of super fun toys in it.

While checking out this kit out we found their selection of bug-out bags. These are pre-packed bags ranging in price and equipment for when you need to run. This bag stays packed. You grab it and go.

They have a video explaining the different bags and what is in them.

This made me a bit worried. I’m not at all prepared for anything like this. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have a meet-up place to tell others about, and I don’t have anything ready to go. Okay, so maybe I don’t need a $24,000 kit, but is it a good idea to have something like this just in case?

I mean a bug-out bag could also cover needing to run from law enforcement. I mean just in case I ever get caught 🙂 LOL

Do you have a plan? Twinkies packed and ready to go? A meeting place for the few people you hope survive? Enough ammo?

A Musical Horror


The Fog is a Bollywood horror movie, now I LOVE Bollywood and horror movie. I’m even fine with bad horror movies, if they are fun and campy enough to make them good, in their own unique Attack of the Killer Tomatoes way.

Unfortunately The Fog doesn’t do this. There was some dancing, but it didn’t make up for the slow start and the boring ‘scariness’. And honestly I never did figure out why the called it “The Fog’.

If one of your goals in life is to watch every single horror movie ever made, then go for it. Hubby and I did manage to sit through the whole thing. But otherwise, just say no.

I am on the hunt for a good Bollywood horror movie, or one so bad it’s fun, any recommendations?

Sorry this is the only trailer I could find.

Classic Vampires


Several years ago I was caring for five teenage girls who kept squealing about how Twilight is the best vampire movie ever made. Once I was done crying my hubby and I decided to review as many vampire movies as we possibly could and put them on the web because we couldn’t let these poor kids think that Twilight was the best vampire movie ever made.

One of the films we reviewed was “Vampyr” a German movie made in 1932. It is amazingly beautiful. The filming techniques and ‘special effects’ are lovely. The use of light and shadow to create the atmosphere was masterful. It uses a ‘classic scary movie score’ and I can’t help but wonder if this was one of the first to use it. It has been dubbed into English, which I normally hate, but there is so little talking in the film and it’s done so well that it didn’t bother me. This is not a scary movie- at least not for us- but I smiled thinking of people watching it in the theater in 1932 and being scared by it. If you enjoy vampire or old films people check this one out. It is really beautiful.

You can watch the whole movie on youtube

Creepy Ghosts and Daniel Radcliff


I love a good ghost story, and I love Daniel Radcliff. I was really excited when I saw the commercials for The Woman in Black. After a while I was worried that the best and scariest scenes were being shown in the commercials, however this was not true.

This was a creepy, scary movie. I held a napkin over my mouth a nose for at least half the movie. I guess it was supposed to protect me. Great visual effects, but not overdone. The movie takes place in the early 1900’s and that simplicity is reflected in the movie, it really has a great feel to it.

If you enjoy ghost stories and spooky movies then I highly recommend this one. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I Saw the Devil


You know those movies where the good guy arrests the bad guy instead of killing him or her? Or the one where the bad guys dies and it’s over so quickly that you feel cheated and you’re yelling at the screen “He needed to suffer, suffer and then die.” I hope that’s not just me?

Anyway I Saw the Devil is not one of those movies.

This is a movie about revenge, about making the bad guy pay for every second of pain he caused you. This is a movie that makes you wonder how cruel and sadistic you could be if faced with the same type of monster.

I never felt sorry for the bad guy – not once, but the revenge began to leave a sour taste in my mouth and I wondered if it was worth it. When Kim Soo-hyeon is done, when he finally kills Kyung-chul does he feel vindicated? Will he look back on the horrors he’s committed, on the taint left on his soul, and be happy?

This is an amazingly well done movie. I was riveted and disgusted the whole time. It mentions sexual violence, and we see a young girl about to be raped and a young woman who is forced to strip and perform oral sex, both are stopped by our hero. This is not a movie for children and only for older teens if you think they can handle graphic realistic sadistic violence.

If you have ever wanted to see a movie where the good guy kicks ass and the bad guy suffers for his crimes, then this is the movie for you.

Aliens in London


Attack the Block

This film is what I mean when I talk about adding diversity without making it the focal point in your work.

Attack the Block takes place in a London slum run by a drug gang. The main characters are black teenagers whose best option is getting in good with that gang leader. All of this just is the setting and characters. Yes, there is growth. Yes, you find out about life in this neighborhood. The plot: aliens have landed and are attacking their neighbor hood. These thugs take up arms to defend their block.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that takes place in a bad neighborhood with gang members , yet doesn’t have fighting them or breaking free be the main plot. I loved it.

It wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. Mostly dark humor, but I still enjoyed it. The kids in this movie are great. I look forward to seeing them in a lot more. And the aliens are wonderful; they are so dark and their movements are perfect. Very creepy.

This is not a movie for young children. There is violence, drug use, and a ton of cussing!

Could You Hunt Trolls?


Troll Hunter Is an amazing movie! It’s done in documentary style, and while at first I thought it was going to be a horror movie it really isn’t. There are some suspenseful parts, and one guy does get eaten; but he didn’t follow the rules, so that’s what happens when you’re dealing with trolls.

Troll Hunter is a Norwegian film. I’m finding a lot of Norwegian films that I like 🙂 It is beautifully shot because Norway is gorgeous with lots of waterfalls, which, as a desert dweller I enjoyed. The special effects were wonderful, and the acting great. I fully believe there are trolls in Norway.

This is a must-see film for writers. When you are asked to ‘make it real’ and you wonder how in the hell you can make imaginary creatures or events real, this movie will show you. Not with flash, but with knowing all the simple little details, knowing how something fits into our world, and the rules that they follow.

Even if you don’t write, watch this movie. It’s great. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. This is a film I could own and watch over and over again. Teen should be fine if they read well enough to follow sub-titles. There is some violence and cussing.
This trailer makes the movie look a lot scarier then I thought it was.

Foreign Film Friday


For my last Halloween horror movie fix I give you three new choices.

High Lane is a French horror movie about a group of young adults who go mountain climbing and there is a psycho killer waiting for them. The views were beautiful- it was filmed in Croatia and if heights and the possibility of falling scare you then this will be a very scary movie. I found it more gross then scary. I didn’t jump at anything, but did look away at some of the blood.

My big issue is the people did something horrendously stupid to get into the situation, and then they kept doing stupid stuff, which means I spent a lot of time yelling at the TV. While there wasn’t out right male bashing I don’t think the writer or director holds testosterone filled males in high regard.

The killer is great- huge, scary, vicious, mentally disturbed, and his movements are very animalistic almost like a gorilla. He’s almost worth watching the movie for.
One woman does go crazy and kick butt at one point, but remember my friends when you are beating up a psycho killer you don’t stop until they’re dead, because they will come after you.

It’s not a horrible movie, but I won’t watch it a second time.

For all of my amazing followers I sacrificed 3 hours of my life- 3 hours I can’t get back so I could review a truly horrible movie. Bandh Darwaza is a Bollywood horror movie from the late 70’s or early 80’s. There is singing and dancing as all Bollywood movies, which wasn’t good. The monster was a vampire who wasn’t scary and the ‘heroes’ in the movie were amazingly stupid and not likable. If you love really bad bad bad horror movies and maybe drinking during them then please go for it. Other wise just say no to Bandh Darwaza.

Finally a really good movie. Re-cycle, a Chinese movie, definitely has scary elements in it. I held my breath. I jumped. I almost made my husband sit next to me on the couch. This movie will be especially scary for writers!

Ting-Yin is a writer who gets sucked into a world of abandoned things including half formed characters. The plot is gripping, the visual effects are striking (except for the falling), the acting is great, and I was emotionally drawn into the movie. Re-cycle isn’t a classic horror movie, but much more of a psychological horror/ suspense movie. I liked it a lot and I highly recommend it. And when you’re done, be careful that your abandoned characters don’t come for you while your sleeping.

Have a wonderful a spooky Halloween.

Foreign Film Friday


I watched three movies this week to share with all of you.

The first, Grimm, is a Dutch film the back cover led me to believe that it was a story about two adults trying to survive when they land in a fairy tale world- kind of an adult Hansel and Gretel. I have no idea what it was, and yes I could see bits of fairy tales in the ‘story’ but it was really weird- and you’ve already seen movies I like so this is saying something.

The plot didn’t make sense. I didn’t like the characters and didn’t care if they lived or died. And it was creepy and not in a fun ‘OH MY GOD what’s behind that door’ way, but in a ‘hey do you think the brother and sister are having sex?’ way. YUCK ;P

My second movie is The Devils Backbone, a Spanish ghost story. It takes place in an orphanage around WWII- we aren’t given a specific date. Carlos comes to the orphanage and quickly finds out about ‘the one who sighs’ the ghost of a young boy who was murdered.

This is a really good ghost story. There were some creepy parts, I jumped at a few places, and was fully involved in the story. Good acting, good plots, nicely filmed, and the kids acting in it were great. I don’t know if I would put it at horror- but if you like murder mystery/ ghost stories then you should watch The Devils Backbone.

I didn’t finish my third pick, and not because it was bad- Jekyll is turning out to be a great show- but it is a 6 hour BBC mini-series and I had to go to bed- but I didn’t want to.

Jekyll is a modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it is well done and the complicated plot is easy to follow. So far I wouldn’t call it a horror, but it does have a classic ‘monster’ in it. It is suspenseful, intruding, and we always wonder what Mr. Hyde, the darkest part of us, will do next.
It makes me question to what lengths we all go to cage and control our own Mr. Hydes.

As a side note- there are ‘American’ characters in the show- and I love seeing how the British portray Americans and our accents- super fun.

Once I finish it I’ll pop back in and give a full review. But so far I’d say- rent this mini-series.

Foreign Film Friday


I have three very different horror movies for you to pick from today. I hope you find one you like, and make sure to tell me if you ever watch any of the movies I post here. I’d love to know if you enjoyed it.

Kibakichi is a Japanese movie about demons and a samurai werewolf. The fight scenes have everything you want in a cheesy Japanese movie: swords, wire work, cheesy sound effects , and spurting blood. The bummer- the movie is long and the fight scenes are at the beginning and end, leaving a large chunk of plot and backstory in the middle- it’s good, interesting, and beautifully shot but I was expecting more action in a horror movie. BUT the ‘bad guys’ are dressed like Goth/matrix/samurai and are super cool. Leather/vinyl coats, long pony tails, and the whole badass vibe going on.
This is a fun movie, not a great one, however both my husband and I got interesting story ideas watching this movie. So go watch it. Have fun. And be inspired. There is so much urban fantasy/paranormal out there right now, this movie can give you a fresh look and unique ideas for your story ideas.
This movie is great IF you like bad camoy horror movies- other wise try one of my other picks for today.
Here’s the trailer

Cold Prey is an AWESOME horror movie. Five friends go snowboarding for spring break- it’s a Norwegian movie- something happens (I won’t give it away) and they have to take refuge in an abandoned hotel where there is a psycho waiting for them.
This film is well acted. The woman are intelligent and they never do the high pitched horror movie scream. The one thing they do wrong is important to the plot so it can be forgiven. I jumped at several place. They built the tension really well and didn’t throw something at you at every opportunity.
This is a great slasher flick, if you liked the original Friday the 13th and Halloween then you will like Cold Prey.

Thirst is a Korean vampire movie. It’s unique in that the focus is more on human nature then the horror aspect of being a vampire. Kang-ho Song, is the lead playing a priest who volunteers for a drug test and winds up as a vampire. Chang-wook Park directs. I will pick up movies by either of these people.
It’s a dark creepy movie, not for children and you might want to watch it first before deciding if you want your teen to see it. There are some very disturbing scenes.

Want more foreign films? Go check out Subtitled Online