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My Next Big Thing


Last month Marlene Dotterer tagged me and I got sick and forgot (bad Alica) then on Monday Bill Jones Jr. tagged me so here I am being interrogated um answering questions about my next big thing.

What is the working title of your book? Legacy of The Feathered Serpent

Where did the idea for the book come from?
Well, this is the second in my Phoenix Child series and my heroine is now traveling the world to save magical beings. I decided to start in Argentina and Peru.

What genre does your book fall under? Young Adult/ Urban Fantasy/ Coming of Age

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? About 6 months.

What other books would you compare your story to within your genre?
I have no idea, is that bad? When I read other YA books I either think my book is better than this, or mine is as good, or I have no business even writing a grocery list, this book is amazing, this is art, I will never write words again! Anyone out there who’s read my book, who do I write like????

Who or What inspired you to write this book? The strength and intelligence of the kids in the group home I work at. My obsessive love of, other cultures, food, and Cirque Du Soleil. Add in my love of myths and legends and not being able to travel at this time.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? Um let’s see I have diverse characters, and as they travel my characters meet people from all over the world with unique backgrounds, lifestyles, religions, and beliefs. Also there are fun quotes at the beginning of ever chapter.

I found a few brave people willing to let me tag them 🙂 So go check out their blogs and find out what their Next Big Thing is! Fun fact- I know all these people in real life and they are willing to admit they know me! So you know they have to be fun 🙂

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Elaine Charton

Riding the Yo-Yo from Hell


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What do you get when you mix a full moon, a moon time (i.e. my period), a cold, and the stress of the holidays? You get the emotional instability I like to call, The Yo-Yo Ride from Hell.

I am doing my best to make sure the yo-yo comes back up. Which means eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercise. And when the yo-yo is up I remind myself to be inspired by people’s successes and to not compare my journey to theirs. To breathe and take everything one step at a time. To try to find solutions instead of wallowing in problems.

Unfortunately as we all know a yo-yo also go down. Down into the deep, dank, dark, despair of my despondent, desperate, desires.

Photograph by chatblanc1

Like many people money is a trigger for me, and also like many people I didn’t plan, save, or shop ahead, and the holiday’s loom before me. On the up swings I am planning caramels, small knitted projects, and thoughtful gifts I can afford for the few people I can get them for. And I know that those who love me understand. On the down swing I am a FAILURE. A miserable, pathetic failure who knows better dammit! And everyone is judging me!!!!

I have told many people that my favorite Christmas was the one I began shopping for in August because it was so relaxed. Have I ever done this again- NO of course not, that would be crazy to repeat something that had worked so well the first time.

So on my down-swings I am trying to breathe, watch happy things on youtube, sleep well, and remind myself that this is temporary, not only will the yo-yo go up but also, eventually I will be able to get off this ride. And on the flip side, being broke means I can pretend to be righteously shunning the shopping madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll ignore the fact that if I’d had money I would have shopped Cyber Monday. 🙂

So how are all of you doing this season? Are you stressing out or have you been saving and shopping early and get to glide through the holidays on fluffy pink clouds of happiness?

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Just me Begging


Photo by Enokson

I have gotten such generous support for this on Facebook I thought I would post my begging here 🙂

As some of you know from following my blog I am houseparent at a group home for abused and neglected kids who have been removed from their homes by CPS. And the teens who live here have read ALL my YA books! One of them reads like I do and can read a book in a day, I can’t keep up on my own. Please help me refill my book shelves! I am hoping for books for middle grade and young adult and for both boys and girls.

So if you’re cleaning out your bookshelves, or if you want to pass on your own books I would love to have a shelf of indie books for my kids to read, please let me know. I’ll give you an address you can send them too. And don’t worry about giving me duplicates, if I have more than one they won’t fight over who gets to read it first!

Feel free to pass this on and thanks for your support!

Armed and Dangerous


Photo by halseike

First I owe everyone apologies- I have been in a funk, and hiding under my covers reading – well we won’t discuss what exactly 🙂 Because of that I wasn’t answering comments the way I should and I don’t have an edited post for you today. But I have things to say- so welcome to the crazy world of my thoughts without Kilian to save me from myself!

When life gets overwhelming I pull out my Cozi to-do list and try and breathe and work through things one manageable task at a time. When this doesn’t work, I hide. I grab my computer and crawl under the covers and read. I do get work stuff done- things that other people will hold me accountable for, but things on my list- yeah not happening.

In-case you were wondering items on my to-do list don’t disappear while I hide. I am hopeful every time I do this, but nope they don’t move. However they do seem to organize, multiple and arm themselves. As of writing this I have yet to open my Cozi to-do list, as I will need to put on protective eyes gear and grab a shield first.

Photographed by RachelH_

I have learned not to fight these down times, even though the getting back up might involve blood shed. When I fight, my self talk because really horrible and I hide from the world a lot longer than normal.

This time I had a work activity to bounce me back. I drove my five work kids (including a 2 year old) 6 hours North to ride the “Polar Express”- yep just like the book/movie. It was super fun! The kids were great, and I survived drive in rain and hail- I HATE driving in rain. It scares the crap out of me. When I’m home if it looks like it’s going to rain hard I don’t go out- not even for chocolate!

Once we got home- which was much later than I was planning due to the van doors being frozen shut, and having to stop because the kids wanted to use the bathroom and eat- so rude! I had a pout attack. I wanted to go to this Science Fiction/ Fantasy/ Horror writers conference, which I had won tickets too, but two of the panels I wanted to see were already over, and I wouldn’t get there until noon.

So I sat and pouted and checked my email trying to decide what to do. I was tired and bitchy, and hiding and reading was looking good. But then shocking came a piph (not a full epiphany just a piph) of anti-zen- I was waiting to WANT to go, I was waiting to FEEL like going, and that wasn’t wasn’t going to happen. I could stay home and read or I could go, but I would start either of them in a bad mood. So I sprayed on some perfume – you’re welcome- and I went.

I had a great time. Not sure I learned a lot, but I got to have fun, I have a few new plot/ character ideas germinating in my brain, and I got to talk to adults and writers.

Photo by elfidomx

One thing I would like to say to my fellow geeks, you CAN have social skills. Really it’s okay, you can keep your ultimate geek of the universe card and not ‘talk’ to the panel as if you are sitting down having a one on one conversation with them. Really, social skills are our friends- even Sherlock can fake them 🙂

Anyway- wild rambles, not sure if there was a point, but I had a good time, learned stuff about myself (like I’m an idiot trying to plan a tight schedule with a 2 yr-old) and got myself out of my funk 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Walking the Cat


Photo by Evelyn Simak

One day I decided to take Pooder, my cat, for a walk. I was probably about nine or ten, and I don’t remember anyone else being around. I guess my parents were working, and Brandy must have been at a friend’s house. I was bored and decided that taking Pooder for a walk would be a good thing. I didn’t have a leash, but I did have a jump rope.

After hunting Pooder down from where she was sleeping under the bed, I pinned her down and tied the jump rope carefully around her middle. It would have been mean to tie it around her neck!

I packed a bag with food and something to drink, ready for a grand adventure. Pooder and I were going to explore the woods, fight a bear, and make friends with a moose.

I happily skipped out the door with Pooder following being dragged behind me. She moved reluctantly, obviously fearful of the adventure we were embarking on, but I encouraged her with kind words, mostly “Come on, kitty, it’ll be so much fun!”

I don’t think she believed me. Halfway across the street Pooder decided to attempt suicide. She lay down and refused to move any further. I was frantic. A semi was headed our way! I tugged on the rope and called out to her, tears filling my eyes. Finally I leapt into the street, scooped her up and collapsed on the side of the street. I clutched Pooder to me, crying and apologizing for traumatizing her like that. Several minutes later the semi passed by, and I took Pooder home and fed her the lunch meat I’d packed for her lunch.

I never tried to take her for a walk again.

So my Spider friends do you have any fun walking a pet stories?