Christmas Goodies or Bio-weapons?


Photo by ghindo

Photo by ghindo

I have been sick. Vile, plague like, please let me die sick. I even went to the doctor (which I never do) and got antibiotics. I can’t remember how many years it’s been since I’ve taken prescription medication for an illness. Anyway, point being, that’s why I’ve been gone, and brings up a very important question about the holidays.

You see I usually make lots of holiday goodies. I knit things, bake, and most importantly make caramels. In fact at this point I should have at least 4 batches of caramels made. But I haven’t made anything, I’ve just been too sick.
The other day I was working on my knitting project while watching Expendables 2 (not worth your time don’t bother)and after a coughing fit I looked down at my knitting and had to wonder, Am I making a sock or a bio-weapon?

Photo by styeb

Photo by styeb

Hubby wants to start making caramels, but I’m thinking no way, they’ll just be a danger to everyone. Little wrapped packages of yummy sweetness carrying the plague.

Now I am starting to feel better, but my daughter is also sick, so still bio-hazard status in our home. I fear that as soon as everyone is feeling better I’ll explode in a mad attempt to catch up and get everything done in time. But until we’re all better I’m just not sure about making things.

So what do you think? Would I be making bio-weapons?

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  1. So sorry you’ve been sick, Alicia. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, but it’s no fun when your child is sick. I’d skip making the bio-weapons–I mean Christmas goodies until you’re all better. Caramels sound mighty yummy, though! You still have time. Maybe cut down on the batches this year.

  2. I think you’d be making bio-weapons. Best to wait, methinks.

    I did this to myself a couple of years ago. I’m sure I ate too much raw cookie dough. The good news was that I lost 3 pounds. Of course, I gained ’em back. Darn.

    I sure hope you feel better and better every day, and your daughter too! If it makes the rounds, I’ll wish it for all of you.

  3. The caramel is boiled at such a high temperature that any bugs will die. As long as you don’t sneeze directly on it my caramel should be fine. ;P

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