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This is what I have to live with.



So I’ve been writing down the odd, creepy, and sometimes funny things my children have said. Please enjoy.

“I always try to have a magnesium block when running from bad guys.” –Logan

“Mom, that’s not how obsession works.” – Tala

“I want Dad to divorce you and become gay and marry Adam Lambert or Cheeks because that would be awesome.” – Tala

“Wait, you mean we have to kill everyone in the kitchen?”- Logan and his friend, age 4

“I’m watching you. My eyes are everywhere. The fish are my minions!”- Tala



“Americans are stupid and smell like grease.” – Tala (We are American’s BTW)

“If you find a body in the bathroom, it’s not mine.” –Tala

“I don’t mind the popularity, it’s the fans that get annoying.”- Logan

“I like to violate the law from the safety of my own home.”- Tala

“I want to become a cobbler. It is my life’s dream to become a cobbler. Okay, well, it’s not, but I still want to study to be a cobbler.” Logan

“Mom, guys who are into the things I’m into aren’t hot; they’re really not.” Tala

We’re looking at new cell phones, and, of course, Tala wants an iPhone, and I’m looking at the cheapest. “I feel like I’m in an arranged marriage.”- Tala

“I judge people on the bus, but I don’t look at them.” – Tala

Crazy zealot protesting gays outside a coffee shop see my daughter and her friend walking, and he says. “See: a good white American Christian couple.” And then my daughter said, “Thanks. I used to be a man.”

“Wait, you can get whatever you want carved on your tombstone? Then I want hot, shirtless, anime guys on mine.”- Tala

What is the craziest thing your kids have ever said?

Fear is the mind killer. I must not … SPIDER!!!!


“Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.”
– Alan Cohen

I am my own worst enemy. It is my fear of failing and my fear of succeeding that traps me. I stall at every step. I put things off. I hide in books instead of doing the work I need to in order to have the life I want. What if I work very hard, and do all the steps, and fail? What if I don’t lose weight? Or don’t keep up with the house work? Or don’t sell any books? Or don’t save enough money to go on an exotic vacation?

What if I do? What if I do lose weight and my skin gets all saggy? Or if I do sell a bunch of books and my life changes? How will I know when to leave my job and become a full-time writer? What if I do manage to juggle everything, and I’m not any happier?

I’ve heard all the inspirational quotes about believing in yourself. They don’t really help when the panic sets in. I don’t really have any advice or wisdom to offer. If you have some, please share it. I want to be brave. I want to be strong, vibrant, and take risks. I want to face my fears and move past them. So for inspiration I offer this. The story of Hideaki Akaiwa.


EDIT- my link for Hideaki wasn’t working- I hope this fixed it, if not cut and paste this- http://www.badassoftheweek.com/akaiwa.html his story is worth it.

Woes of a Validation Whore


“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”
– Mark Twain

I like validation, most people do, but I find that without the validation of others I have trouble believing something about myself to be true. I was a good student. I know this because I got As and Bs, and the teachers liked me–validation from authority.

I have written a book, but I feel like a fraud calling myself an author because I don’t have validation from anyone in authority. My editor Kilian would like to object to this she is very validating and apparently an authority figure 🙂 She is awesome and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. My book will be published soon, but it’ll be self published, so of course it’s “not as good as a published book”. I don’t feel I can say that I’m an author, and I doubt that will change even when I am holding the book in my hands.

So how do we validate ourselves? Where do we draw the line to reach before we can say that we are good enough at something? Or do we always qualify it, with “but I’m self taught?” Or “self published?” Or “I’ve had no formal training?” Or whatever excuse we come up with.

If we can’t believe in ourselves, how do we expect anyone else to take us seriously? Do we really need some else to approve of us? There are published authors’ work that I don’t care for, and people who have written fan fiction that is so good I have read it multiple times.

What are you afraid to claim you are good at? If someone asked you what you do or who you are, what do you really want to say but are afraid too? If you worked past this insecurity how did you do it? Or did you just fake it until you were comfortable?

Taylor Mali on Speaking with conviction

Wise, Witty and Wacky Wednesday


Today I have a quote for you. I love quotes in my YA novel each chapter starts with a  quote. My plan is to posts quotes here that are simply too long to work for my novel, but moved me.

“There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small-scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic.”

-Anais Nin

I am in the middle of a period of rediscovery of who I am. Not only am I working on seeing myself as a writer, I am also a mom of kids who go to school- after homeschooling for years. If these weren’t enough changes I have come to realize that my mom who did the best she could with what she had was an emotionally and mentally abusive person. I was good at staying on her good side and was shocked after talking to my family at how she had treated them. I didn’t really know my mom.

I have chosen to do a 100 day meditation on my mom to try and discover who I am, what I’m holding onto and how that relates back to her. I have been shocked at the discoveries, and I’ve only done it for 35 days. What else will I discover about myself as I go through this process?

At 37 I didn’t expect to still be figuring out who I am. But that’s okay. Life is a journey and a process, and a constant balancing act and re-invention of ones self.

What discoveries have you made about yourself recently? Do you search for yourself or do hidden truths seem to sneak up on you in dark alleys and jump you when you least expect it?