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Lots of Places Have a North


Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’sit
Apparently France is not all coveted beauty, they have a NORTH. A place where bad employees are transferred to, a place with weird accents, unrecognizable slang words, and cold. And fortunately for us, it is a place of fun characters, beauty, and drunken bicycling. A very enjoyable movie, but you need to be a good subtitle reader because they write in the odd accent to show you what is happening and why things are funny.

Were the World Mine


Were the World Mine is a sweet indie movie, about a young gay boy living in a small town. He is picked on and shunned by most of the boys in his all-boys school. Then Shakespeare comes along. The senior play is A Midsummer’s Nights Dream and magic happens. *girly sigh*

I love the mom in this movie, she’s a normal, average woman who is trying to do right by her son, but is angry and resentful at all she’s had to give up.She’s human and hurting, and trying so hard.

Anyway, it’s a lovely movie, I’ve watched it twice.

The Trip


So these two comedians/impressionists travel through Northern England to review restaurants. For me this movie was a bit low on the food porn in spite of the fact that eating was a major part of the story.

It was fun and the country side beautiful, but I didn’t get into it that much, probably because one of the characters is a total jerk. I didn’t like him and I didn’t sympathize with him. The other guy was pleasant, but would slip into impersonating celebrities constantly which got a bit old.

I don’t know, for me this just didn’t work, but it might work for you. Check out the trailer and see.

Also I would keep it to older teens and adults for sex, language, and drug use.