You Sleep in Your What???

bras, Alica Mckenna Johnson

Photo by This Particular Greg

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-thirties and working with teens at the group home that I found out some girls/women sleep in their bras.

Uuuumm, why they hell would you do that?

The girls told me it was so they’re breasts wouldn’t sag when they were older.

But bras are uncomfortable. I always assumed that as soon as a woman got home they all changed into comfy clothes and took off their bras. It’s what my mom always did.

But to sleep in a bra to try and keep my boobs from sagging, I don’t think it’s worth it, or honestly would work.
It makes me think of the pictures of women who would wrap their chins and necks in bandages while they slept to prevent the skin from sagging. I doubt that worked either.

These don’t look comfy for sleeping in.

Then I began to wonder (yes, you should be scared) do men wear jock straps to bed to keep their balls from sagging? And how much sag does a man gain over the years of gravity constantly tugging on his delicate bits?

So what about you. Do you wear a bra, or jock strap, or bandages to bed in hopes of defying gravity?

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  1. My rib cage is protesting just thinking about this. Who wants to sleep in underwire? Besides, my scientific brain thinks it’s incredibly unlikely that support garments can counteract the lost of skin elasticity that happens with age.

  2. hahaha! hilarious.i recently read a study that said women who don’t wear bras have less saggy breasts, do to gravity working their pec muscles. i hate bras and tend not to wear them unless i am going someplace fancy-ish

  3. I have heard this rumor before and may have even participated in high school a couple times, but I doubt there’s any validity to it and I sure wouldn’t do so now. LOL

  4. I wear my birthday suit to bed. I hate having sleepwear wrapping itself around me and strangling me, so it’s sleeping in the buff for me.

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