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Being self-centered rocks!


Today during yoga I was totally self-centered. It was just about me and my mat.

I didn’t think about how I looked to others.

Or how I was doing compared to the teacher.

I let go of my desire to push myself trying to prove the tubby middle aged woman does belong in the class.
And while I made a note that I need a tank top under my shirt, I didn’t worry about who could see down it.
Instead I just did yoga. Not perfect, awe-inspiring yoga. My yoga. Yoga that pushed my boundaries and help me connect to my body. Yoga that I did with my eyes closed half the time because it helps me keep my weight even on both sides of my body.

I felt at peace after yoga. I was sweaty, stinky, a bit shaking, and totally happy because I had taken time to be self-centered and focus on me.

It made me wonder what other things should I do while completely focused on me. How could I improve on things if I managed to set aside time and space to do them completely focused on me and not trying to manage kids, keep an eye on dinner, and write.

What about you? Are you ever self-centered? How does it help you?

The song for today is Falling Slowly from the movie Once. I’m sure I’ve used it before, but I just adore it!

Yoga Piph- Clutter Keeps my Knees and my Forehead Apart.


During yoga I had a piph today, not a full blown epiphany, just a small flash of insight into my life: a piph. As I was attempting to put my left foot by my right hip, cross my right leg over my left, then hug my knee and turn twisting to the left I had to stop. I couldn’t go further, not because I wasn’t flexible enough, but because my stomach got in the way.

At this time I am not a small woman, I weight about 60lbs more then is healthy, but as you can see I am working on it. Anyway, I find that frequently in yoga as I relax and allow gravity to take me deeper into a pose both gravity and I are thwarted buy the extra weight I carry around.
This got me to thinking, what other weight, clutter, debris, is floating around my life stopping me from moving forward as far as I can?

If I took the time to clean off my desk could I get more work done?
When I am faced with the wily temptress know as wheat (which I’m allergic to), if I backed away slowly, showing no fear would I be able to write better? Well, considering I wouldn’t have a migraine the next day. the answer should be “yes.”

It’s these little things in our lives: the mail that needs to be taken care of, the groceries, the chores to do, the things that pile up because they aren’t important and we put off and put off to do the things we love. And yet they are always there, in the back of our minds, cluttering our kitchen counter, hanging around our waist making it difficult to button our jeans. These constant little disturbances take away from us our ability to reach our full potential.

So, what to do? Well for me I have a list. I write down what I need to do, and when I think of something I’ve forgotten to take care of, as I stare off into space trying to decide what my characters will be eating, I write it down so it no longer clutters my brain.

When I need a break, I do a couple of the items on my list. And yes some of these are big, some might even take a good chunk of my day; but once they are done ,the clutter leaves, and I can go further.
I look forward to the day I am no longer stopped in yoga by the size of my body. Maybe I’ll even be able to touch my forehead to my knee!

What clutter stops you from going forward in your life? Any coping skills you would like to share?