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Korean sci-fi


2009 Lost Memories- I have another Korean movie for you. This one has a bit of a sci-fi theme to it. It’s an alternate reality where Japan joined America in WWII and then took over Korea and most of Eastern Asia. I had fun watching this movie. Hubby and I yelled at the TV during the cheesy parts and got into the drama of the plot during the rest. There were some parts where the film was grainy- maybe they ran out of money for special effects?

One thing I enjoyed is as the hero grows and changes the differences between the Korean and Japanese cultures become more pronounced.

All in all it was fun- and if you’re a fan of Korean, sci-fi, and/or time travel movies then go watch this one. Again not the best but all in all very fun, esp. if you have someone to yell at the screen with you.

Foreign Film Friday


My eighth pick for Foreign Film Friday is a pair of movies, Night Watch and Day Watch. These movies are Russian and I really enjoyed the flavor of Russia that was woven through this sci-fi horror movie. It has scary moments, they build tension well, and the visuals are stunning. This is supposed to be a trilogy- but I can’t find anything about the third- granted I didn’t look all that hard 🙂 Both hubby and I really enjoyed these movies, I haven’t seen many Russian films and I liked the uniqueness of the Russian life style and landscape that is shown. If you’re a sci-fi fan and enjoy thousand year old battles of good vs. evil then I recommend Night Watch and Day Watch. Oh did I mention they are battling to control mystical chalk?