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Emotionally abusive books*


*I have stolen this phrase from my good friend Kim. She’s writing a book which I’m hoping won’t smack me around too much.

I have several books that I am afraid to open. I’m not afraid of bad writing. I’m not worried that I will get sucked into a new world and not get anything done- my family is used to that. I am afraid of getting into an emotionally abusive relationship with the book.

I’m worried about getting sucked into an amazing world and not being able to leave, even though I am pissed, scared, or crying my eyes out.

Photographer Ale Paiva

Good writing is like a tight pair of jeans and a black leather jacket on a fine body.

Unless I dislike the book, I can’t/won’t put it down. I will continue to read and even read the sequels. I don’t know why I pick up the next one; maybe it’s the vain and pathetic hope that this time the author won’t rip my heart out and stomp all over it.

I will rant and rave, driving my husband nuts, until he bans me from reading more just so I will regain some semblance of “emotionally sane.”

“No,” I cry out at the very thought of not reading more, even knowing it’s going to hurt and leave me feeling shaky.
So instead, I try to not begin reading them. I try to not even buy them, but eventually someone will give me one. Game of Thrones, which is currently taunting me, I got free at Comic Con. I know I’ll love it, let it take me over, and it will beat me up, leaving me black and blue and turning the page with trembling fingers.

So far I have resisted, but I know I won’t last much longer.

Do you read emotionally abusive books? Do you hide from them or jump right into them with tissues and bruise cream in hand?

Working My Mad Ninja Parenting Skills


Photographer Andrew Currie

Parenting is hard work, you have to take on so many roles. My favorite is that of a spy, an evil spy, a sexy evil spy, with mad ninja skills.

Sometimes the best thing for your children is to trick, manipulate and coerce them into doing something.

I kept having issues getting my kids to read so I decided to make it into a competition, 1st place wins $100, 2nd $50. The rules: the person who reads the most pages in one month wins. I have to read double, and they can count the pages they have already read in their current novel. I happened to be between novels, so I started at 0. Boy child locked himself in his room saying he had to ‘earn his living.’ Girl child walked around with her book, only setting it down to try and steal mine so I couldn’t read.

Before bed we wrote our totals down. Girl child was in the lead by one page. Boy child declared that he was just taking a break and would be reading again before he went to sleep. Girl child yelled at him to stop reading, then remembered that she could spend tomorrow reading while boy child worked. Her grin of satisfaction was scary.

The winner will be decided on Aug 1st. But I have a sneaking suspicion that super sexy ninja spy mom will be the real winner.