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Please State Your Subject Before You Speak

Alica Mckenna Johnson

My poor abused hubby, I think he’s ignoring me.

So, conversations with me can be a multidimensional event.

I’ll start a conversation, one line, in my head, in an email, and then start talking out loud, frequently to my husband, who for some reason hasn’t yet mastered the art of reading my mind an therefore has no idea what I’m talking about.

Here is an example:

Me (looking up from my computer): Logan, the book definitely has homosexual themes.

Logan (my 18 year old son): Okay.

Me (frustrated sigh): The book you are reading for school.

Logan (laughing): Oh okay. I wasn’t sure if you meant the book you wrote, or the one you’re writing, or some new plot you’re working on, or a book you read, or a fanfiction.

Rod (hubby bows and spreads his arms): Welcome to my world.

I glare at them all, just because the conversation started in an email with a friend didn’t mean they shouldn’t have known exactly what I’m talking about!

So how do I adjust to fit the lack or unwillingness of my family to maintain a psychic connection with them at all times in case I need to speak to them?

I announce the subject before I start speaking.


Me (walking into a room): Phoenix Child, book one.

Hubby (sighs and continues folding laundry): Okay, go.

Me (ignoring the sigh): So what do think Sara would drink after being attacked by a walk-in while recovering at a trendy San Francisco café?

Hubby: Water?

Me (snorting): No, it’s cold. It needs to be something hot.

Hubby: Tea?

Me: she’s not British. (rest of conversation completed in head). Oh, great perfect, and the shot of caramel really shows her hidden girly side. Thanks honey.

Hubby shakes his head in awe of my awesomeness and continues to fold the clothes.

Are you a multidimensional conversationalist? How do you start conversations with your family that started in your head?

Training my Husband

Alica McKenna-Johnson

My hubby 🙂

I adore my hubby. Rod is a wonderful partner, and we have been married for many years. Wait, let’s see, girl child is 13 so for 14 years we’ve been married 🙂 And while he is almost perfect, I do have a few things I want to vent about, because, really, a woman can only take so much.

1. Some days Rod works late, or he’s extra tired from hauling boulders, or gets wrapped up in the internet, and he makes my dinner and brings it down to me late. It’s very frustrating and really our normal schedule is completely reasonable.

2. There have been a few mornings when Rod is home when I get out of the shower, and he has forgotten to take my towels and put them in the dryer so my towels are hot and fluffy. Its days like this when I really worry about the quality of our relationship.

3. There have also been several months when I start my period and Rod doesn’t have a stash of chocolate waiting for me. I do worry that his thoughts are straying from me and our marriage when he isn’t totally focused on, well, me.

4. When Rod finishes the laundry and hangs up my tee shirt he doesn’t always make sure the designs on the front all face the same direction and he mixes my black and navy blue tee shirts.

It’s the little things that make or break a marriage. If I didn’t love him so much I’m just not sure if our marriage could handle the strain.

So what about all of you? Please use the space here to freely vent out your spouse, partner, significant other, or pet.

I need an irritating husband.


In trying to revamp my blog and make it better. I began reading other blogs, and I realized that my husband is holding me back.

I need witty banter and a frustrated husband so I will have good stories to tell.

For example, when I have spent all day sitting on the couch reading or watching bad SyFy movies, and the house is a mess, hubby doesn’t complain, ask me what I have done, or if I’ll ever clean anything. Nope he just cleans the house. Himself. With no snarky comments. How am I supposed to work with this?

I’ll give you another example:
Hubby comes home, sweaty and dirty (he builds Japanese gardens) says hi, asks about my day, takes a quick shower, naps, then cleans the kitchen so he can make me dinner.

One of hubby’s gardens.

Um, hello, how does this help me?? I mean sure I get an amazing meal, and the bugs run from the soap, but what about my blog? What about the witty banter and crazy arguments that will send me viral. Hm, what about that?

It’s really selfish of him to be so thoughtful.

One would think I could get good stuff from the kids, but they claim they have homework, need to go to school, and want to hang out with friends. But is that a valid excuse for not being around to provide me with proper material? I think not.

This blogging is hard work, I hope your families are more supportive in your blogging efforts then mine are.