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Trying to be nice to hubby and he scares the crap out of me


2012-10-22 13.12.02
So yesterday on woot.com they have this cool video camera that is ideal for paranormal research. It does night vision, and it’s small, has a stand, also films in regular non-night vision and has all sorts of fancy words and letters and numbers attached to it, so I’m sure it’s a great find.

I tell my hubby who I think is going to be happy- he would love to do paranormal research. And this is what he does to me.

Me- “Look, my dearest most beloved husband ever, look upon the treasure I found for you.”

Hubby- “Just another thing I don’t have time to do.”

Me (trying to stay up beat)- “But listen to the awesome,” I read the description.

Hubby, face totally serious- “Maybe you should get that, I can set it up and find out what has been going in and out of your room at night while you’re sleeping.” *

And then he walks away.

WTF!!!! Um hello, what’s coming in and out of my room??? Why would he say that to me? What did I do to deserve such vile treatment? And how quickly can I get one of these things? And how am I going to fall asleep?

* I have a room downstairs in the group home while hubby and kids sleep in the apartment upstairs. So I am now alone, at night, wondering what is getting past the security system and the locked doors. Where are the Winchester brothers when you need them??

High Maintenance Wife


I am a very high maintenance wife. I’m not expensive, I just require a lot of time and attention. A LOT.

Anyway, one of the multitude of things my husband does for me is hide his finger nails. Not always. I’m fine with regular finger nails. However my husband is a landscaper. He designs and creates amazing Japanese gardens. In his work, Rod has to move boulders.

Frequently the boulders fight back, and his fingers and toes get squished. He’s even broken some, and inevitably one or more of his nails turns purple, then black, and then it falls off. I feel queasy even writing about it; it’s so gross.

So during the weeks it takes for his fingernail to heal my husband, being the amazing man that he is, will turn his hand the whole time so that I never see the utter grossness of his nail. How sweet is that? I can’t think of anything that I do for him like that. And yet every time his nail is that stomach churning purple color, he goes about his day, handing me things and talking to me and never once do I have to see his nail.

Rod is awesome and shockingly willing to put up with all of my quirks. I think quirks sounds good, less pathetic right?

How are you high maintenance? Come on there has to be something? Please, someone, anyone ….

One of Rod’s favorite song “The Maid Who Sold her Barley”