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Foreign Film Friday


It took me reading other people’s posts to realize that it’s October and people were doing Halloween themed blogs. So of course I had to join because there are some really great scary foreign films out there. I’ve already done: The Host and Dead Snow, both excellent foreign horror movies and if you haven’t seen them you need to. For the month of October I’ll be reviewing two foreign horror movies for you all to enjoy.  I’ll even try and mix up the countries because it would be too easy for me to stick with Asian horror movies, they make some creepy stuff.

So today I have two very different offerings for you Ringu and Black Sheep.

Ringu is the original Japanese movie of The Ring. The American version is scary- the Japanese one is scarier. The filming is amazing, the acting far better then the American one, and something about the unfamiliar culture, environment, and plot steps makes the Japanese one ever scarier. Grab you favorite person or pet and huddle in for Ringu.

The next horror movie is a classic creature horror movie Australian film Black Sheep. It’s baaadddd (sorry I couldn’t help myself) but it’s bad in a good fun way. I don’t remember being scared, but I was grossed out and I laughed a lot. There might have been one or two creatures jumping out of know where which made me jump. It’s a must see for creature horror movie fans.

What’s your favorite campy creature film?


Foreign Film, 10 things, and Friendly Blog Friday


Okay as you can see this is a wild variety Friday post. I’m late posting my 10 Random facts post, then I’ll give you my review for your perusal, then to end this blog post a check list to see if your blog is user friendly.
But to start with I got an award!!!

The wise and witty Rance Denton gave me this lovely award. There are rules of course. I need to post seven facts about myself- I’m cheating aka using my time management skills- and my 10 random things will be used for this too. I also need to give the award to 15 other people. I’m not sure who these people will be. I’ve seen this award of other people’s blogs so I want to make sure I give it to new people. So I’m not giving it to anyone in this post.

Okay I was supposed to do this on Monday- then I said I would do it Wednesday- but ranted instead, so here finally are Ten Random Facts about me.

1- I am a minister with the Universal Church of Life as is my hubby. I preformed a wedding for a dear friend and my hubby married my mom and her second husband.

2- I have a certificate in past life regression hypnotherapy.
3- I have lived in 5 states- Georgia, Colorado, Alaska, California, and Arizona.

4- I used to be a dula and certified in Bradley Natural Childbirth education.

5- I hold my breath when a baby is born until it cries.

6- I started my writing career in fanfiction- it is 83 chapters long and got over 2,000 reviews I’m very proud of it.

7- I married a man who will be able to take care of me during a zombie apocalypse- yes I knew this before I married him 🙂 He also cooks and cleans.

8- I almost burst into tears when Comic Con ended this year.

9- At a party I played spin-the-bottle for two hours. In San Francisco who the bottle lands on is who you kiss regardless of gender- fun times 🙂

10- I have done a vision quest- sitting in the woods for four days with no food, only eight ounces of water (we live in the desert I got a perk) by myself seeking enlightenment. I totally got something- no I won’t tell you what is was, but coming back and losing that focus was painful.

Now for my wildly popular Foreign Film

The sixteenth foreign film I’ve chosen … drum roll …. The Host, a Korean horror movie about a mutated – well I don’t remember what it started out as- but it winds up being a nasty people eating monster. Kang-ho Song is the hero- and a very unlikely one at first, he’s a great actor and I will watch a film because he’s in it at this point. The director Joon-ho Bong is also someone I look for in my Korean movies.
Anyway back to the film. There are some jump out of your seat moments, and many fingers crossed moments, and a kind of happy ending- but this is an Asian horror movie which means things don’t work out as you think they will.
Not only is it an original look at the classic monster movie, but because it isn’t American I can’t anticipate exactly what’s going to happen. I’m not saying there isn’t a formula for Asian horror, but I haven’t caught on to it yet which makes the movies fun.

Is your blog reader friendly?

As I read through all of the flash fiction posts there were blogs I wanted to follow but found several things lacking- you might want to check your blogs for these items.

1- Tags I would look for tag lists to see what else the person posted and see if any of the topics interested me. Many blogs didn’t have a visible tag list. Can people see what topics you blog about easily?

2- I couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to the blog. I use wordpress this means if you use blogger I can’t hit the follow button and get updates on your blog. And while many of you had Google+ I don’t use it. Can people subscribe to your blog by email?

3- If I couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to your blog then I would look to see if I could follow you on twitter. Frequently I couldn’t find this either. Do you have a button so people can follow you on twitter?

All of these are widgets which can be added to your blog. Did anyone else find things they were looking for but couldn’t find on blogs you’ve been visiting?

Foreign Film Friday


Dead Snow is my ninth review for Foreign Film Friday. Dead Snow is a horror movie from Norway, there is an isolated ski cabin, college students not expected back till the end of spring break, buried treasure, and Nazi Zombies- oh yes, Nazi Zombies. It has a slow build up- which was fun because you keep scooting to the edge of your seat thinking this is it, the Zombies are coming now, and then they don’t. It’s a fun movie- with some really gross parts- um hello college students. The Zombies are fast and intelligent. I also think the is the first spring break movie I’ve watched were there weren’t any bikinis.