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Were the World Mine


Were the World Mine is a sweet indie movie, about a young gay boy living in a small town. He is picked on and shunned by most of the boys in his all-boys school. Then Shakespeare comes along. The senior play is A Midsummer’s Nights Dream and magic happens. *girly sigh*

I love the mom in this movie, she’s a normal, average woman who is trying to do right by her son, but is angry and resentful at all she’s had to give up.She’s human and hurting, and trying so hard.

Anyway, it’s a lovely movie, I’ve watched it twice.



Boy is a movie from the Philippines. It’s an indie film about two boys who come together for a brief amount of time. It’s one of those movies that’s a slice of a person’s life. There is no neat as a bow happy ending or bad ending. That piece of their life is just over. There is some really bad poetry, and a lot of aquariums that are used as a metaphor for the two boys lives.

I didn’t hate the movie, although I found the beginning uncomfortable and hard to get through. I also didn’t love the movie, Boy was just there for me.

If you’re writing a book that takes place in the Philippines you might want to watch this simply for the look into the culture.

I couldn’t find a trailer that I could post, but you can watch it here if you want.