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In my head I can dance.


Well it’s not that I can’t dance, I can a little and I used to take belly dance classes. While I wasn’t amazing I didn’t suck. Even still it’s not a skill I’ve kept up. And yet in my head this is how I look when I dance.

Who can you dance like when you’re alone and no one can see you?

The power of salsa




Nick Frost plays Bruce, a man hiding from himself and his passion, the dance of salsa. His co-worker Drew, Chris O’Dowd, is a jerk who goes after the new boss Julia, Rashida Jones. Will Bruce allow the fire of salsa to once again burn inside him?

This is a very funny movie with great characters. The only thing I didn’t like is Chris O’Dowd plays a jerk, and I love him and I don’t like seeing him be mean like that.

Dance for Everyone who is Watching.


Flash mobs make me cry

I love flash mobs. Love them. I re-watch my favorites over and over again.

I love the ones that are just fun.

I love the ones that are marriage proposals.

The ones celebrities do.

And the ones that show classy can still be fun.

I think what I enjoy the most is the joy on people’s faces as they get to witness something so unique. I admire the people performing for being so fearless and vulnerable. But one things always catches me off guard, with the exception of Improve Everywhere, flash mobs always make me cry (they’re happy tears) all those people coming together to bring a few moments of joy into strangers lives. To shake things up and make an ordinary day magical. For me flash mobs help me remember that most people are good, kind, and there is hope. A flash mob is like a balm for my heart and soul, erasing the marks left by the news, unkind words, and fear.

Have you been in a flash mob? Or organized one? Would you join one if you could?