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Picnicking with cats.


Photo graphed by Herncar

One fine summer day my sister (8) and I (9) were left alone because we were old enough to look after ourselves. We decided to go on a picnic. The suburb we lived in was a new development. Lovely Alaskan forest was bulldozed to make building space for our townhouse.

This meant there was a lot of forest and bog (moss-covered ground that squishes like a wet sponge and is a good place for blueberries to grow) for us to explore. Brandy and I loved to go on picnics, but today we wanted something special, so we decided to take our cats, Pooder and Tig.

In the small pocket of our school backpacks we put packed lunches for us and cheese and lunch meat for the cats. In the large pocket we shoved in the cats. I knew they would not walk there on their own. We weren’t unkind; we zipped them up so their heads stuck out of the packs, and they could see where we going and could breathe.

We walked deep into the forest, and found the perfect place to play and wait for unicorns to come and visit us. It was maybe a quarter of a mile from the road, and the cats had no idea where we were.

We took them out of the bags, and they began to meow frantically. I was worried they wouldn’t have any fun on our picnic. After eating some meat, they calmed down and began to explore. They ate grass, chased butterflies, and climbed fallen logs.

Photo by Abhialeena

They were careful to not go too far, and I like to think they enjoyed their outing. When we were ready to go Brandy and I used the last of the cats’ lunch to lure Pooder and Tig back to us and then stuffed them back into our backpacks and left for home.

I guess this wasn’t as bad as Cat Radio, because our parents didn’t ban us from doing it again. In fact Brandy and I took Pooder and Tig on several picnics that summer. They really enjoyed them, I am sure of it.

Walking the Cat


Photo by Evelyn Simak

One day I decided to take Pooder, my cat, for a walk. I was probably about nine or ten, and I don’t remember anyone else being around. I guess my parents were working, and Brandy must have been at a friend’s house. I was bored and decided that taking Pooder for a walk would be a good thing. I didn’t have a leash, but I did have a jump rope.

After hunting Pooder down from where she was sleeping under the bed, I pinned her down and tied the jump rope carefully around her middle. It would have been mean to tie it around her neck!

I packed a bag with food and something to drink, ready for a grand adventure. Pooder and I were going to explore the woods, fight a bear, and make friends with a moose.

I happily skipped out the door with Pooder following being dragged behind me. She moved reluctantly, obviously fearful of the adventure we were embarking on, but I encouraged her with kind words, mostly “Come on, kitty, it’ll be so much fun!”

I don’t think she believed me. Halfway across the street Pooder decided to attempt suicide. She lay down and refused to move any further. I was frantic. A semi was headed our way! I tugged on the rope and called out to her, tears filling my eyes. Finally I leapt into the street, scooped her up and collapsed on the side of the street. I clutched Pooder to me, crying and apologizing for traumatizing her like that. Several minutes later the semi passed by, and I took Pooder home and fed her the lunch meat I’d packed for her lunch.

I never tried to take her for a walk again.

So my Spider friends do you have any fun walking a pet stories?

Cat Radio


Photographed by lasop

I grew up in Alaska, and sometimes it was just too cold and dark to play outside. So my sister and I would play games, watch TV, and eventually get bored. Then we would attack the cats. The poor, poor cats. They would be dressed up in our old baby clothes. We tried to train them, but they were resistant One when I was about eight time they were our special guests on our radio show.

I had a tape recorder; it was pink with those black oil stickers that changed color when you touch them, remember those? The cat, Pooder (my sister named her) was dressed in a lovely white baby dress with blue flowers and lace trim. I held Pooder and my sister, Brandy, asked her questions:

Miss Kitty, how are you today?

Oh good. Tell us about your new movie.
Merow, Meow, grrr
That sounds wonderful!

And the questions went on. But you see, cats don’t just speak on command, and Brandy and I weren’t patient children, and we needed Pooder to speak, so we squeezed her.

When you squeeze a cat, they will meow because, well, honestly, they don’t like it.

So there we were for an hour or so asking very professional questions of a cat in a dress and squeezing her for answers. We had a great time and were grateful that my mom had the cats de-clawed, otherwise our radio show would have failed.

Now Brandy and I were very excited about our radio show and ran downstairs to play it for our parents.
Mom asked very calmly, “Alica, Brandy, how did you get the cat to meow?”

Me (very proud), “Oh we just squeezed her, and she meowed.”

I don’t think my parents have ever laughed so hard in their lives! Our radio show was a success! Brandy and were very proud and imagined a radio empire!

Unfortunately it was our last show, as my parents, once they caught their breath, banned us from ever doing it again.
And that was the end of our radio career. This just meant Brandy and I had to come up with new things to do with the cats. The poor, poor cats.

Photographed Shealah Craighead

Did you traumatize nay pets when you were little?