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I survived the first 18 years!!!


My son, Logan, is turning 18 on Friday and I want a gift.

Yes, I know traditionally the birthday boy would a get a gift, and he will. I’m thinking of getting him a passport so he can go on all these grand adventures he has planned. It is significant because I’m 38 and I have never even had or needed a passport.

I’m also giving him money because there is an EMT class he is saving up to take over the summer.

Don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog and even if he did, he already knows about this stuff.

Anyway back to ME! Not only did I survive his first 18 years, but I also have molded him into the amazing young man he is today, and I think I should get a birthday gift on his 18th birthday. Diamonds are always nice 🙂

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Logan is unconvinced. At every opportunity I let him know how I, personally, have made his life better.

Logan: I have really good eye hand coordination.
Me: That’s because I breast fed you. Bottle-fed babies tend to be held the same way every time, but I had to switch you from one side to another which means you had one eye and one hand free, then the next time the other. So as you looked around, at me, grabbed for things, you used both your hands and eyes through the day.
Logan: Huh

Logan: I’m really glad that I chose to go to St. Gregory.
Me: That’s because of me.
Logan: No, you can’t claim this one, I asked, I biked for the internship, I got in.
Me: Um, hello! I was trying to be a good mom and homeschool you at the level you needed to get in Annapolis (the school he wanted to go to at 14). You refused to get out of bed, so I sent you to Edge High School, where you were taken on a field trip to St. Gregory’s ropes course. You are now at St. Gregory’s thriving and happy because of me.
Logan sniffed and changed the subject.

I could go on and on about how the good things in Logan’s life and the things he likes about himself are as a direct result of ME.

So what do you think my Spider friends, should moms get a gift on their child’s 18th birthday??

And don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about dads. They get presents on the kids 21st birthday.

Being Kidnapped for Breakfast


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When I was in high school, we had a birthday tradition. If it was your birthday, your friends would plot and plan and (with your parent’s permission) they would sneak into your bedroom and wake you up with loud, off-key singing.

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Next you would be pulled out of bed, have slippers shoved onto your feet, possibly have make-up put on you by people who claim to be friends but really want you to look like a drunk clown, and then be taken out to breakfast. Yes, you are dragged from your warm, comfy bed looking like an escaped mental patient and taken into a public place.

After breakfast was school, where flowers and/or balloons were added to your festive ensemble, completing your look. Teachers would roll their eyes. Fellow students would laugh. Thank goodness there were no camera phones back then!! You would shuffle through your day blushing and wishing you had a hairbrush in your locker.

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It was the best! I got kidnapped for my birthday several times and loved each one. It was always something to look forward to. Birthdays haven’t been that exciting in a long time.

What do you miss from high school? Have you ever been kidnapped for your birthday?