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A Musical Horror


The Fog is a Bollywood horror movie, now I LOVE Bollywood and horror movie. I’m even fine with bad horror movies, if they are fun and campy enough to make them good, in their own unique Attack of the Killer Tomatoes way.

Unfortunately The Fog doesn’t do this. There was some dancing, but it didn’t make up for the slow start and the boring ‘scariness’. And honestly I never did figure out why the called it “The Fog’.

If one of your goals in life is to watch every single horror movie ever made, then go for it. Hubby and I did manage to sit through the whole thing. But otherwise, just say no.

I am on the hunt for a good Bollywood horror movie, or one so bad it’s fun, any recommendations?

Sorry this is the only trailer I could find.

Norweigian Ninja


Norwegian Ninja is an odd movie, and has shown me that not everything coming from Norway is good. It’s supposed to be a campy spoof, I think, but they just didn’t take it far enough to make it really funny. I knew it was going to be a bad movie; my hope was it would be bad enough that it would start being good again. For me it just didn’t make it that far.

There were some funny moments, and some might enjoy it. I won’t watch it again, and unless I know some one is just crazy for any and all bad martial arts movies, then I probably won’t recommend it.