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Werewolves, Blizzards, and Cynthia Garner


Today author Cynthia Garner is joining me! I am very excited to have her here because not only is she a wonderful author, she’s also a friend and has given me a lot of support on my author writing journey!

My interest in writing got an early start when my sixth grade teacher told us to complete the following sentence: “It was a dark and stormy night…” With that my love of all things paranormal was born.

I didn’t start writing with an eye toward publication until 1999. I had a few short stories win some contests and get published in now defunct publications. A move to Arizona in 2000 and a new job put my writing on hold. In early 2005 I couldn’t keep the stories inside any longer, and made the decision to focus on a writing career, beginning with electronic publishers. Under the pen name Sherrill Quinn, I signed my first contract in September 2005, and my first novella was published in March 2006. In 2009 the first of three Kensington Brava books was released.

I’m very excited to have my Warriors of the Rift series find a home with Grand Central. You’ll get to meet vampire Tobias Caine, half-demon Nix de la Fuente, werewolf Victoria Joseph, human cop Dante MacMillan, demon Finn Evnissyen and fey princess Keira O’Brien.

By day I’m a mostly mild-mannered Human Resources Manager for a local non-profit organization. I’m originally from northeast Ohio and fled the snow over ten years ago to live in the heat of southeastern Arizona.

1. We’re all supposed to be eating healthy, but what naughty treat tempts you the most?

Oh, my God. What doesn’t tempt me? All I have to do is decide to go on a diet and everything that I shouldn’t eat is everything I want to eat. But I have to admit Snickers Blizzard screams my name every time I drive by Dairy Queen. Thankfully I do sometimes have the willpower to ignore it.

Diet are evil things, and will power is something I seriously lack.

2. If your book was turned into a movie who you play your main characters?

The actors that I had in mind while writing KISS OF THE VAMPIRE were Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) and Morena Baccarin (Firefly, V). I’d be a happy camper if they played the starring roles.

Great choices!

3. How old were you when you fell in love with reading? Can you remember what book/ books it was that inspired you?

I honestly don’t remember which book inspired me. I’ve always been a reader—it’s compulsive. Reading the cereal box at breakfast, for example. I do remember reading my cousins’ Hardy Boys books as a kid. I liked them a lot better than Nancy Drew—Frank and Joe got into more trouble than Nancy did.

I read both Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys too!

4. What superstitious or OCD habits do you have before you write?

I’m not a superstitious person by nature, so I actually don’t have any superstitions about writing. It’s going to work for me, only I don’t have to commute anywhere. As far as OCD goes… I do obsessively check my email every 5 minutes, and if my Internet connection drops out I’m a crazy person until it comes back up.

I have to shut my email off when I write, other wise I check it constantly.

5. When the zombie apocalypse comes what is going to be your weapon of choice?

Whatever’s the best one to use from a distance.

Good plan, it’s important to stay for away from things that want to eat you.

6. Who are your favorite celebrates to follow on twitter and facebook?

I only follow a few—I’m a big fan of Leverage and Castle, so I follow many of the actors (and writers and directors) on those shows.

Nathan Fillion is very fun to follow.

7. What mad ass survival skill do you have?

Does screaming like a girl count?

It would alert others that danger is coming.

Cynthia thank you so much for Hanging out with me today! I managed to beg nicely enough to get a sneak peek at her next book!

Win a Free ARC copy of Secret of the Wolf!!! Cynthia just emailed me and told me she wants to give away copies of her newest books, so leave a comment below by Friday 6/8 Midnight and I’ll announce the winners Saturday.


Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross. Vampire, demon, or shapeshifter, they can save the world–or send it spiraling into chaos.

As a werewolf liaison to the Council of Preternaturals, Tori Joseph is used to straddling the world between humans and immortals. She plays by the rules and always delivers justice, no matter the cost. But after a string of increasingly brutal attacks results in humans turning into werewolves, Tori doesn’t reveal her horrifying suspicion: Someone very close to her might be responsible.

Investigating the paranormal violence, no-nonsense detective Dante MacMillan believes Tori is hiding something. His search for the truth draws him into greater danger as he gets closer to the dark realm of the immortals—and to the sexy werewolf who stirs his primal lust. Now with evil closing in around them, Dante must convince Tori to trust him . . . before her deadly secret destroys them both.


She moaned into his mouth and pressed closer, breasts flattening against his chest. Dante moved his hands from her waist to the small of her back, pulling her lower body firmly against his. Her fingers tightened on his shoulders.

He reluctantly became aware that the music had stopped. Stepping away from Tori, he kept his hands on her waist and stared down into her eyes, feeling like someone had cut him off at the knees. He was stunned by the primal urge to claim this woman right then and there, in the middle of the crowd.
He’d had no idea he could be as primitive as a Neanderthal. Or a preternatural.

With a smile full of feminine promise, Tori took one of his hands and led him off the dance floor. He trailed behind her, willingly following her lead, feeling just a little off his game.

She slid into a booth at the back of the club and Dante took a seat across from her. She flagged down a passing waiter and in a husky voice said, “I’ll have a Screaming Orgasm, please.”

“I’d like one of those, too,” Dante rasped. He cleared his throat. “But give me a beer, whatever you have on tap.”

“You got it.” The waiter walked off, a grin on his face.

“Chicken.” Tori leaned forward and traced a finger across the table. Back and forth, back and forth. It was mesmerizing, the rhythm.

Made him think of another kind of back and forth he’d like to do.

*fans self* Oh my, I’ll need to read this book with the air conditioner on high!

Now that you’ve met Cynthia you know you want to keep up with what she’s doing! You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook and her website and blog.

Popcorn, Ninjas, and Ginger Calem


Today the lovely and inspiring Ginger Calem is going me today!

California Girl turned Texas Woman. Wife to one Superhero. Mom to three pieces of her heart. When she’s not keeping the house-natives happy and fed, Ginger can be found at her CrossFit gym or at her desk, writing about the characters clamoring in her head. Her favorite things are wakeboarding on long, summer lake days out in the boat, anything that causes spontaneous laughter, and living room dinners of sushi and wine.

1- We all have favorite books, ones we nag our friends to read, buy our loved ones as gifts, and the biggy, the books we read over and over again. What books have you read more than twice?

This was an easy one for me because I reread all of the Harry Potter books. The characters in that series feel like my friends so I have to hang out with them from time to time. Oh, and I’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander at least three times. How’s that for opposite ends of the spectrum?

I haven’t read Outlander, yet, but I adored the Harry Potter series.

2- Everyone seems to complain when their favorite book is made into a movie or mini series. What is your favorite movie based on a book?

Had to think about this one because the obvious answer would be the Harry Potter series. But I also loved the old TV mini-series based on The Thorn Birds. Wow—it was so good! Also, my husband and I just saw Hunger Games (midnight showing with our 3 kids) and I have to add that in here because I was extremely impressed and can’t wait to see it again!

Thorn Birds was my mom’s favorite mini-series! She loved anything with Richard Chamberlain.

3- When the zombie apocalypse comes what is going to be your weapon of choice?

My running shoes and I’d run like hell.

Running is a great skill, one I don’t have.

4- If I was bitten by a zombie I have a list of people I want to bite. Who’s at the top of your list?

The first politician I saw. Since they are so intent on biting and scratching at each other, I would have done my job to get rid of them all.

Very good plan, but would we be able to tell if they have been turned??

5- What do you think werewolf musk smells like?

Having just finished Kait Nolan’s RED (which was awesome!), I’d say pretty good … kind of like a visceral aroma of earthy attraction—raw pheromones lingering on sun-warmed skin.

What a great descriptions! And I agree Red is a wonderful book!

6- If you were to write yourself into your book what kind of character would you be?

Oh, that’s easy. I’d be Mai, the main character in my Ninja Chick book, which is my current project. She’s fiercely loyal, sarcastic and funny, and she gets to spend a lot of time with hunky and adorable Oliver. Oh, and she gets to be a Ninja, which I secretly am, but you can’t tell anyone. Sshhh!!

You’re secret is safe with me! I would love to be a ninja
7- What is the geekiest thing about you?

I’m still waiting for my acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

Wait, that’s geeky? Are you sure that won’t happen? *Looks for owls out the window*

8- Who is your arch nemesis?

My inner-critic. None of my Ninja-moves seem to thwart her! But, I’m working on some new moves and she better watch out.

I know that enemy!

9- What mad ass survival skill do you have?

You mean besides the Ninja stuff? Ok, seriously, I’m extremely resourceful and I’m ornery enough to survive to prove it can be done.

Never under-estimate stubbornness.

10- We’re all supposed to be eating healthy, but what naughty treat tempts you the most?

Anyone who follows my blog or knows me from Twitter and Facebook know that I’m a healthy eater and a fitness geek. But—this girl can’t pass up some movie popcorn. I can say no to almost anything but I walk into the theatre and I smell that warm, crunchy, yumminess! No added butter to make it soggy, no flavored salts or crap, just hot, just-popped, popcorn. In fact, I make them scoop it out of the freshest spot.

Okay now I’m hungry!

11- How old were you when you stopped believing in the Easter bunny?

I don’t understand the question. Who doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny?

LOL- true is you don;t believe you don;t get goodies.

12- What do you love most about you’re current book?

Mai’s voice in my head and the energy of her potential.

I love having strong character voices in my head.

13- What style of book do you secretly long to write, but are afraid to try and do?

What a great question. I have this idea about the lost city of Atlantis and the pole-shift and in my head it seems so cool but it’s so BIG that it scares me. I don’t want to rob the story of it’s magic by not doing it justice. Maybe someday. I have to manage these Ninjas first and they are out of control at the moment. 🙂

I LOVE Atlantis stories, I hope you write it some day!

14- As an author tells us three things that will mean success to you in your writing career.

I love this question! Ok—

1. Having my first book available for sale at Amazon and having people actually purchase it, people not related to me, who will love it (of course) and then review it kindly. I will do cartwheels down the street, on video, and post it on my blog when this happens!

2. Being contacted by readers saying they loved my book and can’t wait to read the next one.

3. Being invited to give a keynote address at a major writing conference.

Those are lovely goals for success! I can’t wait to read about Mai and her mad ninja adventures! Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. And for those for you who don’t follow Ginger- you need too! You can find her at her Blog and on Twitter

Amazons, Jelly Beans, and Marcy Kennedy


The lovely and talented Marcy Kennedy stopped by to hang out today.

Marcy Kennedy is a fantasy author who also works as a freelance writer for magazines, newspapers, and non-profits and a freelance editor for both businesses and individuals. Her current work-in-progress is a co-written historical fantasy about Amazons. When she’s not wrestling unruly commas, she spends her time with her equally nerdy husband, her Great Dane, and more cats than she’s willing to admit to in public. You can visit her at her blog, Life At Warp 10 where science fiction, fantasy, and real life collide, or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest.

1- When the zombie apocalypse comes what is going to be your weapon of choice?

My husband and I actually had a little debate about this. He thought the best choice would be a shotgun because a regular bullet isn’t going to stop a zombie—you need to blow their head off. I argued that a shot gun takes too long to reload, and by the time you do, the rest of the zombie hoard has eaten your brains. I thought a flame thrower would be better. You can take out multiple zombies at once without the need to reload, but my husband pointed out that I’d eventually run out of fuel. We decided the best weapon when the zombie apocalypse comes is actually going to be a sword. Yes, it requires close quarters, but you never have to reload and you never run out of fuel or ammo.

I agree a sword is a very good choice.

2- What do you think werewolf musk smells like?

Like skunk. I know that sounds weird, but something that smells bad when it’s strong can smell good when it’s incredibly faint.

That’s a interesting idea. I hadn’t thought about a faint skunk odor smelling good.

3- What mad-ass survival skill do you have?

I guess that depends on whether you’re looking for Hunger Games-type survival skills or end-of-the-world survival skills. But I’m a great hider. I rocked hide-and-seek as a kid and everyone wanted me on their team for capture the flag in university because I’d disappear in one spot and turn up in another. And you can’t kill me if you can’t find me 😉

Hiding is highly under rated as a survival skill. It does make me think of Aliens when they found the little girl hiding in the vents when the rest of the colony had died.

4- We’re all supposed to be eating healthy, but what naughty treat tempts you the most?

Only one? Can I combine them? Like create a jelly bean topped cheesecake filled with ice cream? Ooo, and with a brownie crust. And use buttercream frosting to hold the jelly beans in place on top…I think I better stop now. I’m getting hungry.

You are in charge of all desserts.

5- What do you love most about your current book?

I love the chance to take a historical setting and add fantasy elements to it. My current book is co-written with Lisa Hall-Wilson and focuses on the Scythians (who were a real society that terrorized the Greeks) and the Amazons (who were myth). Because we both love history, we relished the research element for the Scythians. And I loved the world-building involved with the Amazons.

How fun! At this time in my life I don’t have the time to research well enough to do a historical novel, but I do have some ideas bouncing around in my wee little brain.

Marcy thank you so much for visiting with me today. I had a great time getting to know you better.

Time Travel, WWE and Jennette Marie Powell


Today I have author Jennette Marie Powell blackmailed um I mean willingly hanging out with me. 🙂

Jennette Marie Powell is the author of several time travel and paranormal romance novels. A lifelong resident of the Dayton, Ohio area, she likes to dig beneath the surface and find the extraordinary beneath the mundane, whether in people, places, or historical events. While she has no desire to change the past, she enjoys learning about local history, particularly the early 20th century. Her preferred places to time travel are from her computer or Dayton’s Carillon Historical Park. By day, she wrangles data and websites in between excursions to search for the aliens and spacecraft that legends say are stashed away on the military base where she works.

1- How old were you when you fell in love with reading? Can you remember what book/ books it was that inspired you?

I can’t remember NOT reading! Or at least, being read to. The earliest favorite story I can remember is “The Cold-Blooded Penguin,” which was in a book that was part of a four-volume set of Disney stories. This story is about a penguin who couldn’t stand the cold in Antarctica, and finally pursued his dream of moving north by cutting a big boat out of the ice. My parents read that story to me so many times I’ll bet they can still recite it word for word! I blogged about it not too long ago.

2- What is your favorite guilty pleasure book? The one you’re embarrassed to let other people know you read. Come on you can tell us we’ll keep it a secret.

Well, it’s not really a book. I don’t feel guilty reading any of them! The only thing I can think of is web comics and blogs, because I usually read them at work – while taking a break, or waiting for a slow process on my computer, of course! If I’m stuck at work with nothing to do (hasn’t happened lately, thank goodness!), I’ve been known to get into some nice, juicy WWE fanfic.

I am a fanfic fan too.

3- When the zombie apocalypse comes what is going to be your weapon of choice?

I think I’ll just go hide in my daughter’s high school. According to her, there’s so little brain matter there, I doubt the zombies would go near the place!

LOL- that’s great.

4- If I was bitten by a zombie I have a list of people I want to bite. Who’s at the top of your list?

Politicians! Starting with the ones who keep calling my house. No, I’m not voting for you. Go away. OTOH, maybe not – if I’m looking for brains, my chances are probably better at my daughter’s school.

5- We’re all supposed to be eating healthy, but what naughty treat tempts you the most?

Mountain Dew! It’s soooo bad for you, and soooo yummy! Plus, you can’t beat that awesome combo of sugar and caffeine for a wakeup after lunch. I do limit myself to one can a day, though.

I’ve never gotten into soda- but it sounds addictive I think I’ll stay away just in case.

6- Naughty- confessions, what TV show do you love but hate to admit to watching?

Well, as you might guess from my comments above, that would definitely be WWE wrestling! All those hawt, muscular guys in tight pants! Add in the ridiculously absurd story lines, and who cares if it’s fake? Unfortunately, watching WWE is something I haven’t had time to do much of since I published and kicked my writing into higher gear, so I don’t know any of the story lines they’re doing now.

7- What do you love most about your current book?

I love taking supposedly ordinary people in an ordinary place, and giving them something “extra” – in this case, a psychic time travel ability – and throwing them into extraordinary situations that they go through hell to get out of. And believe me, they do go through hell in prehistoric Ohio in my upcoming release, Time’s Fugitive.

Time travel is so interesting, I love it.
8- Give us a super secret peek into what you’re working on next?

This summer I’m planning to release a science fiction romance called Hangar 18: Legacy, in which a psychic Air Force research psychologist is contacted by an extraterrestrial trapped somewhere beneath the military base where he works. His only hope of freeing the being – and keeping his sanity – is subliminal messaging software being developed by a woman who believes in neither the aliens nor the hero’s abilities. Hangar 18 isn’t as well-known as Area 51, but according to the legends, it’s where the alien bodies and spacecraft from the Roswell incident were initially taken, before Area 51. (Oh, and there is no Hangar 18. I checked. LOL)

Oooo sounds really good. I can’t wait.
9- What style of book do you secretly long to write, but are afraid to try and do?

I would love to write something uproariously funny! Yet, while I love comedy books and movies, I can’t write funny to save myself. Oh, there are amusing moments in my books every now and then, but that’s as much as I can muster. But as long as my readers enjoy my dark-and-serious stories, I’m good with that!

Comedy requires such great timing. It would be a challenge to try and write it.

One unwanted gift. One great wrong. One chance to make things right…
Tony Solomon never wanted to be a time traveler. But when a freak accident gifts him with the ability to travel in time, he becomes an unwilling initiate in the Saturn Society, a secret society of time travelers. Determined to prevent his daughter’s murder three years earlier, he violates the Society’s highest law and becomes a fugitive. But the Society refuses to tell Tony how to time-travel within his own life, so he seeks help from Charlotte, the woman whose life he saved during a prior trip to the past.
When Tony arrives in 1933 looking for answers, Charlotte is both thrilled and terrified to see her childhood hero. Loyal to the Society, she is honor-bound to bring to justice those who manipulate time for their own gain. In giving him sanctuary, she faces a terrible choice-condemn the man she loves and to whom she owes her life, or deny her deepest convictions by helping him escape and risk sharing his sentence.

Time’s Enemy is available in ebook and print at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and many other online retailers.

I know now that you have found out about Jennette you want to join me in following her. You can find her at facebook, twitter Goodreads, and her blog.

Sexy Norsemen, Reality TV, and Kris Tualla


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Kris Tualla a valued member of my local RWA chapter.

Kris Tualla, a dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romances, writes with a fast-paced and succinct style. Her plots are full of twists, passion, and very satisfying outcomes! Kris started in 2006 with nothing but a nugget of a character in mind, and has created a dynasty – The Hansen Series. Norway is the new Scotland!

Kris is an active member of both Romance Writers of America and the Historical Novel Society. She is an enthusiastic speaker and teacher, and created Arizona Dreamin’ – Arizona’s first romance-reader event!

1. How old were you when you fell in love with reading? Can you remember what book/books inspired you?

My first “chapter books” were the animal stories by Thornton Burgess; I believe I was 8 when I began to devour them. By 11, I was reading every book of the “Black Stallion” series by Walter Farley. “Heidi” was another favorite – I had my mother’s copy from the 1930s and read it 5-6 times at least. Then I read “Gone With the Wind” in junior high. Twice.

I love the Black Stallion.

2. We all have favorite books, the books we read over and over again. What other books have you read more than twice?

I discovered Kathleen Woodiwiss in college (early 1970s) and read her first 6 novels repeatedly, all the way through the 1980s. In 2006, I discover Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series and read each of her first 4 books twice. The one book in my life which – when I read the last paragraph, I flipped to the front and immediately started it again – was “Shogun.”

My mother adored Shogun.

3. What is your favorite guilty pleasure? The one you’re embarrassed to let other people know about. Come on you can tell us, we’ll keep it a secret.

***Looks around for witnesses, then whispers her answer:*** Reality shows. But ONLY the “good” ones: Idol/X-Factor/America’s Got Talent… Biggest Loser… Bachelor/ette (my HUSBAND got me hooked!)… Celebrity Apprentice.

To counterbalance, I brag about watching Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Castle and White Collar.

Castle and White Collar are two of my favorites. I haven’t gotten into America’s Got Talent, but I love Britian’s Got Talent- I watch it on youtube.

4. If you were to write yourself into your book what kind of character would you be?

I am my heroines. I mean really, aren’t we all? They are the best of our intentions, the most polished of our skills, and a mirror to our own flaws. But in the end, we triumph.

I love that answer- it’s true my heroes and heroines have a lot of qualities that I wish I had.

5. What do you love most about your current book?

My hero. He’s a DEAF private investigator – “A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery” – in 1720s Norway. He’s intelligent, gorgeous, clever, beautiful, determined, so handsome, honorable… and deeply damaged. The heroine shakes up his carefully constructed world and over 3 books – so far – challenges every aspect of his existence. He is fundamentally changing, and healing, in the process.

Sounds wonderful- I love characters with unique characters.

6. If your book was turned into a movie who you play your main characters?

I have 6 books out, so I’ll use my Nicolas & Sydney trilogy to answer that: NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU and JENNIFER CONNELLY. I discovered Nikolaj in the 8-episode FOX series “New Amsterdam” when I was working on the trilogy and fell head-over-heels for this amazing Danish actor with the same name as my hero. He is currently starring as Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Shoot. I just betrayed my real reason for watching, didn’t I? 😉

It’s okay we won’t tell. Great choices I would so watch them in a movie together.

7. Give us a super secret peek into what you’re working on next?

***Looks around AGAIN for witnesses, then whispers her answer even more softly:*** My discreet gentleman’s trilogy is in the hands of Desert Breeze Publishing and will be released in March, August and December of 2012. So now I’m going back to write Nicolas Hansen’s grandfather’s and father’s stories. Nicolas, himself, gave me the plot lines in “A Woman of Choice”:

“Martin Gunnar Hansen was born in Norway and emigrated to America at age twenty-seven. He met a good Norse girl on the ship and they were married by the captain. By the time the ship docked in Boston Harbor, my father was a month past conception.”


“My father applied here in Missouri for a land grant. Then he went back to Pennsylvania and told my mother that he was moving to the Missouri Territory and would she please come with him. She said ‘yes’ and they married in August of 1782. They moved to this land that same month, much to the consternation of her parents. Miss Kirsten Sven was their only child and they were not well pleased to have her go traipsing off to the unsettled wilderness.”

So many wonderful books to look forward to. Thanks so much for joining us here today Kris it’s been a lot of fun having you here. Because I know you want to keep up with Kris and all the great books she’s working on you can find her on Facebook, Blog, website, or find her @KrisTualla on Twitter. All of her books can be found here.

“A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery” – Passed over as heir to the Hansen dynasty because he was deaf, Brander Hansen’s life’s goal is to gain his own estate and prove his father’s decision wrong. Working as an investigator for hire in 1721 Christiania, Norway, he invests in a likely opportunity – until the lady of that same estate requests his assistance in saving her ancestral home.

To view the “A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery” silent trailer in ASL:

To view the traditional trailer: