He Picked The Wrong Girl, Thor + Darcy=Forever!


Photo by  Sam Howzit

Photo by Sam Howzit

I spent the entire movie watching the chemistry between Darcy and Thor. There she was her curvaceous sexy self being funny and snarky and he was totally entranced.

Yeah, sure Jane was there, but she was boring. She and Thor had no chemistry, and she just doesn’t look like the wife for a Viking god.

No. Thor needs a full-figured woman to satisfy his muscular god body. An intelligent woman to protect him from Loki’s tricks. A woman who won’t put up with his shit and let him act like a spoiled prince of Asgard. He needs Darcy.

Honestly I was so shipping Darcy and Thor that when he kissed Jane I was all “WTF? Rod, what is this shit why is he cheating on Darcy?”

Photo by  Ed Van-West Garcia

Photo by Ed Van-West Garcia

Seriously I didn’t see it coming.

Rod just shook his head. “I’m sorry but she’s the lead actress.”

“No, Darcy is so much better for him.”

“I agree.” Hubby is a wise man.

It took me forever before I was willing to watch Thor 2 because I still wanted Thor and Darcy to get together.
Thank goodness for fan fiction so I can get my Darcy/Thor fix.

What couples have had you wondering what happened ? Which ones have had you just shaking your head and wondering what the writer was thinking?

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  1. Thor + Jane = BORING. No chemistry at all. I think the worst chemistry ever was in the Star Wars prequels with Anakin and Padme. The absolute worst. I wonder if it has anything to do with Natalie Portman?

    When I watched the TV show Entourage, the writers pushed a relationship on me that I thought was terrible. No chemistry between the actors and the plot line for their relationship was lame. I kept routing for them to break up.

    • Maybe, I’m not sure if I’ve seen her have great chemistry with someone before.
      I am doing that with Sleep Hollow right now, Ichabod’s wife Katrina she needs to go, they have no chemistry and I don’t like her character at all.

  2. Omg, I felt the same way about Gamora and Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. They had so much real-feeling tension!
    Peter and Gamora? It’s just not believable.
    And you’re dead on about Thor.

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