Monthly Archives: November 2014

International dance moves


So I found this

Which is awesome and I shall diligently practice in case I ever get to travel to Canada. Then I wondered if there were more.

I found Korean, ’cause Kpop is king.

I like tutorial on how to dance in club because she takes into account that my awesomeness could be intimidating.

Now imagine for a second that someone is willing to dance with me … it could happen! I shall have to memorize these righteous moves.

And of course I want to help the guys, but honestly I leaned a lot of club culture/body language from this video. Apparently I should be ‘testing guys’ as they approach me at the club. You know, if I was ever approached, or could stay up late enough to go to a club.

Do you have any sure-fire dance moves we all should learn??

What was your excuse?


So you can’t do it why? Cause you’re not strong enough, fit enough, thin enough? What exactly are you letting hold you back, cause after watching these I’d challenge your excuses. If you want it you can make it happen. I believe in you! Now I just need to believe in me. 🙂