I don’t trust a lot of people, or well, I don’t trust them with my safety or the safety of my children.

It’s not so much that I distrust them but that I trust they will be selfish, or self-absorbed, or just not caring much. That sounds really bad doesn’t it? Sorry, but I trust people’s actions not their words. I trust their deeds not their intentions.

Watching this video made me think of the few people I trust and know I can count on. The ones I support as much as they support me.

But it also made me think about how fearful I am. About how untrusting I am of people, of myself, of my strength, my ability to handle things. Because that’s what it comes down to isn’t it, not our fear that someone will hurt or betray us but that we won’t be able to handle what they do, that we won’t survive or recover.

So maybe if I could learn to trust myself, to trust my strength, intelligence, creativity, and value then I could be more trusting of others, of life, of opportunities, of adventures.

Are you a trusting person or do you hold yourself back too?

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  1. Wow. Very insightful. I’m not a trusting person either. But, my Aikido training has helped a lot with trust. I have to trust the people I train with not to hurt me. They have to trust me the same way. I’ve learned to have confidence that I can stand in front of an attack and know that at the right moment I can move and take control of the situation. It’s been really helpful! I still don’t trust easily in my personal life. I do remember, though, the people who have helped and supported me!

  2. As my hubby says, you can trust everyone — to be who they are. The trick is in figuring out who they are and not letting your wishful thinking get in the way. This past week, I lost out BIG time because I did not trust someone to be who she had already shown me she was. My trust issue is that I sometimes don’t invest in my own perceptions. It’s a lesson I seem to have to keep learning. Hopefully, this last loss was enough to keep me on my toes.

    • Your hubby is smart! I often forget how people can be, they are nice for a while, I want to trust them, and then bam, oh right your a ##%%$^. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.” I really try to do this.

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