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Let’s kick some bones.


Sorry Foreign Film Friday is coming on Saturday but yesterday was crazy, but in a fun way 🙂  Now onto the funBonekickers, Alica Mckenna Johnson, BBC, archeologists!!!!

Last week hubby and I watched the BBC series Bonekickers, a show about a university archeology team  causing havoc, solving mysteries, and getting into trouble in England.  I loved the characters, although the team leader Gillian Magwilde, played by Juile Grahm, does lean a bit too much on the bitchy side sometimes. It is consistent with her character, though, and you get enough back story to understand why.

Gregory Parton, played by Hugh Bonneville, and Ben Erga, Adrian Lester (love him),  balance Gillian and add humor to the story.

Now two things, first this is only a single-season show. The plot arc is wrapped up by the end, so I think it was only meant to be one season. And second, you shall have to give some creative license for the archeology. Archeology takes time, patience, and a lot of tests, which this show just doesn’t have time for. So if you can’t hush your inner critic, which I had difficulty doing  a few times, this might not be the show for you. BUT, I loved the history, the stories, the mystery, and the characters. I think you should check it out.


Also I am sorry if there is still code in this, I don’t know what’s happening. I only see it on my blog not on the edit page, when my son wakes up I’ll have my tech department work on the problem 🙂

Sexy, sassy, and sweet


So I’m having a MONDAY kind of day, which is odd because I usually like Mondays as I work all weekend and finally get time off on Monday, but not today le sigh. So I thought what makes me happy and I came up with

John Barrowman

He is awesome, and here is a video of him being awesome.  And if you ever have a chance to see him, go. And if you have a chance to take a photo with him, do so! I wish I had done the photo op at Phoenix ComicCon. I will never make that mistake again—ever!!

James Marsters version of their kiss

And just in case you haven’t seen it, the kiss they’re talking about.

Again having issues with adding youtube video’s sorry.

True loves, new loves, and music


Foreign Film Friday is back! I have two wonderful British movies for you today in honor of Valentines Day.

Quartet, Alica Mckenna-Johnson, Maggie Smith, Billy Conolly


With the cast of Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Conolly, Pauline Collins, Michael Gambon, and a ton of amazingly talented musicians there is now way this movie could be bad. Set in a retirement home for musician Quaret is filled with music, wonderfully quirky characters, Diva’s trying to hold onto their fame, and a few trying to hold onto their dignity and age with grace.

I fell in love with the characters, the music, and the love story. This is such a sweet movie and it makes me want to stay in shape so my ‘golden years’ can be filled with fun and causing nursing home staff all kinds of trouble.







Alica Mckenna-Johnson, Terence Stamp, Christopher Eccleston, Unfinished Song

Unfinished Song

Okay get out the soft tissues because this movie is a tear jerker, staring Terence Stamp, Vanessa Redgrave, Gemma Arterton, and Christopher Ecceleston.

This movie focuses on a seniors choir as they practice and enter local competitions, the songs picked are so funny and the joy on the faces of the singers contagious. Terence Stamp’s character, Arthur is grumpy and thinks the whole thing silly, but once his wife passes away and he’s is left along with out any idea what to do with his life he them as a way to honor his wife and find some joy in life.

I cried a lot, some from sadness other tears with joy.

For some reason I can’t see to load a second youtube video, but go check out the trailer!


Hugs and Kisses!!!



I missed all of you so much! I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, but the crazy won.  My hubby became a houseparent at the group home we work at so trying to balance three households, thirteen children, and the holidays … well let’s just say it was special (ignore the eye twitch it’s rude to stare).

My dad, the trouble maker :)

My dad, the trouble maker 🙂

Then my father passed away unexpectedly on Friday the 13th, he isn’t bound to his body any more so be careful he could be causing trouble anywhere and everywhere.

So needless to say I have been feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with anything above the essentials for a while.

But now I’m back and I wish I had something amazing to say, but I don’t not really, hopefully my next post will be more entertaining I just wanted to get the ball rolling and post again.

I do have a few hopefully interesting things.

1-      I am going to start doing Foreign Film Friday’s again. I miss telling you guys about fun foreign movies AND it gives me an excuse to sit on my butt and watch them when I should be doing other “productive” things.

2-      A Tala quote,  during her student led conference Tala was talking about a class she had to take last quarter and said the she, “hated it more than she hates people.” I about died! Also I need to create a character like her so I can use that line in a book.

3-      My son is volunteering with the fire department and hasn’t once called me to come and bring him something.  WTH??? Why is he trying to keep me from meeting his new firefighter friends? I just don’t understand.

4-      Why is it I can’t get wifi in my bedroom, but my computer can connect while I’m sleeping, download updates and restart itself causing major panic the next morning when I open it to find all my word docs have been closed and I can’t remember if I saved them? I think the computer might be plotting against me.

How have all of you been doing??