Women Who Make Me Purr


So I post pics and videos of beautiful men sometimes, a lot, as often as I can get away with. And I thought it would be nice to post some videos of women who make me wish to be them, or fall at their feet in worship. πŸ™‚


This is the first Shakira video I ever watched, and I was addicted instantly. When she is doing chest pops and looks down at herself, so sexy.



The control Rachel Brice has over her body fills me with awe, and I kinda want to lick her stomach πŸ™‚



Suhaila Salimpour another amazing belly dancer. When I see her I feel inspired and lustful.



Of course I can’t mention Suhaila without showing you her ass, OMG, doing butt bumps right now.



When I imagine myself being all badass in the Zombie Apocalypse Michonne from The Walking Dead is who I see myself as. She is intelligent, fierce, and her arms are amazing.



So give me more intelligent, sexy, powerful women to covet. Who inspires you? Or gives you lustful thoughts πŸ™‚


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  1. Also congratulations on an almost error-free blog post. So proud that I have taught you well, grasshopper. Put a comma after Zombie Apocalypse, and it will save the reader some confusion so they won’t think you are being badass in Zombie Apocalpyse Michonne. I thought maybe they were naming them now, you know, like hurricanes.

    Kilian Metcalf

    N 32° 13′ 18″ W 110° 55′ 35″

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