20 days of freaking out

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Sane is not a word most people would use to describe me, which is why twenty days before I am going on the annual work trip to San Diego I am trying desperately to lose weight. Yes, ye, I said annual trip. And yes, after seeing pictures of me last year on the beach, I wanted to throw-up and cry. I vowed to never go back to the beach looking like that. I VOWED! And then I ate ice cream.

So here I am twenty days before we leave and at least sixty pounds overweight. Can a person lose three pounds a day??

Seriously I’m counting calories, getting my butt into odd yoga position, and doing cardio until vomiting seems like a fun idea (well I’ve been doing it for two days now). Point being, why do I do this? Why didn’t I watch my calories intake over the past year? Seriously, I knew this was coming. Why didn’t I exercise more? I have tons of videos for those days when my gym buddy can’t go; there was no reason why my lazy ass couldn’t have done something, anything, other than partake of second breakfast and sit on my ass.

Do you do this to yourself? Are you a last minute panic person or do you take your time and get a bit done every day so it’s easy?

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  1. I do know you can’t lose 60 pounds in 20 days. You’d be too sick to go to San Diego even if you managed it.

    I’ve done the same thing – swearing I’d lose the weight by the time I … fill in the blank. I never have done it and I’ve gone to every major event bigger than I should have been. The weight is coming off now, but even fasting two days a week makes it come off slowly. About half a pound a week.

    I agree with Heather – wear clothes that fit you well and make you look good, and have a great time! But keep working on the weight.

  2. “Slow and steady” is the key. Start now for next year. Do a little exerscise each day, pull back a little on the calorie intake, (*they* say just cutting back on 100 calories a day will make a huge difference in a year!) And, go down to Macy’s, break out the charge card and get yourself a Miraclesuit. You will feel–and look–like a whole new woman.

    And won’t it be fun to have a great time on this trip AND get to see your progress via your pictures from next year’s trip?

    Have a great time!

  3. Sounds like human nature to me, Alica! Emotional eating can be a good thing in some ways. It shows that we’re trying to cope, and can serve as a signal that something worthy of attention is up. Our brains also need carbs to produce calming chemicals, so cravings for dense sources often pair with anxiety, stress, etc. Those pounds are probably just water weight that will go away naturally as you revert to your typical habits. The important thing, IMO, is carrying on and being good to yourself.

    Yep, went a bit nutritionist-y on you there… LOL Hope you don’t mind! Lots o’ love. 🙂

    • Rational loving advice is always welcome August! I do have to say I find these moment of crazy and emotional eating last shorter amounts of time then they use to. I’m going to take that as a good sign.

  4. LOL! Alicia, this is so me! I do this when I go to a conference, a vacation, whatever. I make a promise I’ll do better next year and I do, for a while. Making a permanent change . . . well, I’m still working on that. 🙂 Someone once told me you need to love your body. If you can’t love all of it, admire a part that you like – your ankles, your hands, your ears, whatever. If you can’t find a part you love, love what your body does for you – type, stand, walk, talk, think, etc. Supposedly once you love your body, you will want to take better care of it. (Note how well this has worked for me! LOL!) At any rate, Have FUN!

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