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Harry Potter, Steampunk, and the Beauty of Nature



The Pendant Garden has a huge variety of tempting, affordable necklaces for many types of geeks. These handcrafted pendants of fine art photos are set in silver or copper, covered with a crystal clear, domed, glass cabochon, and come with a chain.

I am enchanted by the beauty of these pendants, and am trying to figure out how to pick my favorites so I can buy one or two or ten!

They make pendants for Harry Potter fans.


Science geeks.


Steampunk lovers.


Fantasy fiends

Pendant Garden

Pendant Garden

The Pendant Garden has a 100% satisfaction rating.

So, my little shoppers, what geeks in your life would enjoy these pendants? I am making a list and will start getting birthday and Christmas gifts soon. And before I forget, buy three pendants and get a fourth free!

Where will You Go?

Cole Vassiliou, native hut,  apocaplyse

Photo by Cole Vassiliou

There are a few of us who live far enough away for others that our current homes will be a safe choice for the End Times. However most of us need to get the heck out of where ever we live to a safe place. Cities will be overrun with mobs, dead bodies, and backed up sewers. Places with water pumped in, like where I live in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, have only a few days of water before people start dropping like flies.

So where will you go?

Sure you want to look at water tables, chemical and nuclear facilities, and weather. But, come on, what’s really important is what kind of food can you grow there?

Who knows how many years it could take before trade starts up again, so what can’t you live without?

If you love seafood you’ll need to be near the ocean. What kind? If it’s lobster, up north you go. Shrimp, you need to head south.

sea food, lobsters, apocalypse

Photo by cellar_door_films

Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries all need cold dormant time. So do all stone fruits such as peaches. This means snowy areas. However if you want oranges and avocados you need heat.

apples, apple trees, apocalypse

Photo by L E Carmichael

Oh, yes, you are going to have to choose. And if chocolate is what you can’t live without., then you best start finding a way to travel down to South America.

So, where will you go? What foods will you be willing to give up and what can’t you imagine your life without?

Geek Parenting—You Know You’re Doing it Right.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Yesterday as my family and I were hiking, my kids started singing songs from Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I was so proud. And anyone who passed us knew what awesome parents we are. But sometimes our kids are just too young to make sure our awesome parenting skills are known.

Well, now we have help at Geek-A-Bye Baby. Elizabeth Nelson knits and sews the most wonderful items for your baby, so everyone can know you are teaching them the important things in life.

Wonderful hats to keep your baby’s head toasty warm.


Lovely toys so they can learn the geek ways early.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Cool diaper bag, so both mom and dad can take the baby out in style.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

You can bring out one of her geek-themed changing pads and make sure everyone knows you are a quality parent, even if you have a dorky diaper bag someone gave you at your baby shower.

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Photo from Geekabye Baby

Geekabye Baby has a 99% satisfaction rating, and I now need a baby to buy things for!

Who Is On Your Team?

Lynn Kelley, Zombie Apocalypse, Apocalypse

Photo by Lynn Kelley Author

The Apocalypse is here! Yes, grab your guns and lets start killing . . . um I mean grab your survival gear and let’s work together so the human race doesn’t go extinct.

So today’s questions is : Who Is On Your Team?

Team 1: I am an Army of One! I have my bags packed and ready in my closet, guns oiled and fully loaded, and several caches of supplies and ammo in various secret locations. My goal is to survive and have fun doing it. I have behaved well long enough. When this shit goes down, I am grabbing my list and killing me some morons, and the guy who cut my off in traffic yesterday! Waving a white flag won’t save you from my wrath (please say with a British accent it sounds cooler) however waving chocolate might buy you an hour’s head start.

Team 2: It’s all about survival, people. I have chosen a group of survival and weapons experts. We will dominate and secure our ideal area. Once that has happened will begin to allow civilians inside the compound. People will need to prove their worth, and we are taking applications so leave your name and skill set in the comments, those deemed worthy will be contacted by our head of HR and light weapons expert, Peggy.

Team 3 My team has been more carefully chosen then the disciples of Christ. Survival is black and white, you do or you die. I have put together the best survival experts, weapons experts, and communications experts (together they speak 10 languages including sign, know Morse code, smoke signals, and light signaling). This well-trained group will insure the survival and continued protection of the group of experts who will insure our continued survival.

blacksmith, zombie apocalypse

Photo by macswriter

Those skilled in traditional arts: blacksmiths, natural farmers, master carpenters, weavers, knitters, cobblers, tanners, canners, dyers, water and solar engineers, millers, butchers, bakers, and candle stick makers.

We also have a veterinarian, dentist, doctor, herbalist, and midwife. They all have experience working in third-world countries, with their spouses and children, who we have to bring along to insure our experts would come.
Everyone is training physically and mentally each week and gathering tools, supplies, and personal items for when the Event happens. While we aren’t taking applications at this time if you have a skill not mentioned about please put it in the comments and our surveillance team will do a thorough check on you before kidnapping you for the initial interview.

Team 4: I am going to wait out the crazy. I have enough food and supplies for four people to survive for ten years in the bunker under my house. I am taking applications for sex slaves, friends to hang out with. Ideal skills include: massage, cooking, gaming talent, and flexibility—both mental and physical. No druggies, must be able to pass physical health screening, must love Spam.

Team 5: I have always known I am Royalty, and now is my time to be one. I have carefully stored items that will be valuable and impossible to get within a year or two after the Event. Those on my team are my masseuse, chief, manicurist, and hairstylist. I have a place stocked and ready to go. Once this violence is settled, I will emerge in all my glory and ready to trade the items I have wisely stored. Just think how much food I can get for a package of condoms and some flavored lube. I am still in need of a security team, please comment below with your qualifications and willingness to wear a kilt.

kilt, zombie apocalypse

Photo by Noodles and Beef

Team 6: I hate people,. I am fully stocked and ready to survive alone for ten or more years. My place is so isolated and remote that few will ever find me and those who do will be taken care of by my booby traps and pack of wolves. Don’t bother leaving comments, I need no one. I have solar cells hooked up and have downloaded from Amazon every book, movie, and show. The thought of being alone for years makes my heart flutter.

Team 7: I live in a third-world country. My life won’t change much, except there won’t be annoying tourists popping up.

So which team are you a part of? Or do you need to start one? Have I forgotten an option? If so please let me know how you plan to survive the Apocalypse.

I Am The Most Awesome Parent!!

Alica Mckenna Johnson

My son Logan

My son was working on his history paper, the topic women in aviation engineering. He says to me. “Mom I just learned something interesting. The women interviewed in the article says that at least 1/3 of all women in the field went to all-girl colleges.”

I say, ”Well, that makes sense. It is believed or maybe true that some men don’t like to date smart women, or at least women smarter than they are, so in mixed classes women tend to ‘dumb down.’”

Logan looked at me as if I had grown a second head. “What?”

Me, “I raised you right; you don’t understand.”

Logan, “That is lame. Who would want a date a guy like that anyway?”

Me, “I have no idea. Would it bother you if your girlfriend got a better grade on your English paper?”

Logan eyebrow raised. “Mom, she is so going to get a better grade on her English paper, and she’s in a higher math than me.”

I shrugged. “Does it make you feel like less of a man?”

Logan, “Of course not. Some people are so stupid.”

Me, “Yes, yes they are. And you’re welcome.”

Logan, “For what?”

Me, “Raising you to be better.”

Have you had a moment when you knew you had done an awesome job as a parent? I’d love to hear about it!