Take it slow and make it hot.


I like to snack, but I also am hoping to lose weight, and the two don’t always go well together. Of course I do try to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, but sometimes I just want something else. So I snack hot.

You see, I have a delicate tongue. I like spicy, but I honestly can’t handle very hot and spicy foods, which means I eat them slower. You are beginning to see the mad brilliance of my plan, aren’t you? When I snack on spicy foods, I can’t eat them as fast, nor can I eat as much. If I do, my tummy will be very unhappy, and in all honesty, my butt the next morning. Ouch.

My favorite slow and spicy snacks:

Dried mango covered in chili: This is sweet and spicy and reminds me of the Mexican tamarind candy. Trader Joe’s has it, and all I can eat is one piece instead of the whole bag of plain dried mango.

Wasabi peas: Not only do I get the crunchy/ salty combo, which is important for any balanced diet, but sometimes a pea will have a lot of wasabi on it and I get a ‘fun’ rush of heat which clears my sinuses and makes my body shudder. So really this is a whole body food.

waasbai peas, Alica Mckenna-Johnson, Isa Costa, spicy snacks

Wasabi Peas by Isa Costa

Hot Cheetos or now as I react badly to MSG, Barbara’s Jalapeño Cheese Puffs : Now these are an extra treat because the nutritional value is much lower, but again I can’t eat as quickly or as many so they get put on the list.

Spicy Chocolate: There are many different brands to choose from, but dark chocolate with chili in it is something to be savored slowly. Make sure to get one with a good kick, or you’ll eat it too fast.

So what is your favorite slow and spicy snack???

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  1. This is a good idea. I LOVE spicy. I have not yet reached the point where I can’t eat too much, darn it. Plus, and this is the real killer – spicy makes me want chocolate as a top-off. So not only do I eat too much of the spicy food, I have a piece or two of dark chocolate after. Yeah, not a good diet trick for me. But it’s cool that it works for you, and it’s smart to look for ways you can make food work FOR you instead of against you.

    Those spicy cheetos? My grandson left a partial bag here once, and I finished them off in one sitting. Oh man – monster headache! It was probably from an overdose of MSG, and there’s no telling how the other stuff in there contributed. I was so sick. That one experience has convinced me that processed foods with all the flavorings and preservatives are a type of poison. The human body just cannot handle them. I suspect that eating a little bit quite often, over a decade or two, is really causing damage to our bodies.

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