Jury Duty: A Goldmine of Awesome!


The old court house in Tucson, this was near the ugly modern building I went into.

The old court house in Tucson, this was near the ugly modern building I went into.

Most people groan when they get a summons to jury duty. I will no longer be one of those people. The last time I went to jury duty it was a fount of inspiration and study.

While in the room waiting to be called (which I never was, and I am taking that part personally) I people watched.
I learned that some people are a lot more attractive when they keep their mouth shut. I sat across from a tall handsome man, broad shoulders, nice suit, thick brown hair. I remember thinking how he would make a perfect romance hero then he opened his mouth and told his friend an offensive racist joke he just got in his email. I got up and moved. Eye candy should be silent.

People have a variety of odd tics and nervous habits; it was fun to watch, and I am sure they will turn up in future characters.

I saw the cutest man. He was sitting at the Thai place I went to lunch—one of those quick, greasy, yummy restaurants with lunch specials ready to go. He sat a few tables away from me. He was middle aged, plump, and wore tan slacks, white shirt, and blue tie. His legs were curled up under his butt and he leaned over onto his left arm which was propped up on the table holding a book. He ate one handed and he read. I wish I could have gotten a picture, or even seen the tittle of the book.

A lot of people read books to pass the time, but it was never easy to read the title. They would fold over the cover, set it down face down, or upside down. Why? At first I thought it was a coincidence, but then I noticed that almost everybody did it. Be nice and set your book down so the nosy people around you can see what you’re reading!

And the final thing that made jury duty fun: they showed Young Frankenstein—seriously—at the jury duty courthouse waiting room! I thought it was a good choice .

Photo by twm1340's

Photo by twm1340’s

Anyone else have fun at jury duty??

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  1. I’ve been called to jury duty three times and served twice. Each was a goldmine of crazy. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for people watching) both counties were small enough that the courthouse didn’t have a separate room where you could watch movies, so we just sat in the courtroom and listened to the jury selection the whole time.

  2. I found jury duty fascinating! We didn’t get to watch movies either, but it was still interesting, especially the witnesses. The alleged assault victim was a vagrant, and obviously a bit unstable – his emotions were all over the place! In the end, we acquitted the defendant – no one was sure he didn’t beat the guy up, but the state’s evidence wasn’t enough to “remove all doubt” which we were told it had to be if we were to recommend convicting him. Definitely fodder for writing!

  3. “Eye candy should be silent.” Haha!

    Jury duty is definitely a great place for people watching. I do the same thing when I ride the city bus. Very interesting.

  4. I’m with Kim–“Eye candy should be silent.” That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day!

    You know I never thought about jury duty that way. I haven’t been called to the courthouse in years (instead I get to call in to hear whether I have to show or not). Showing a movie is brilliant. They made a lovely choice, too.

  5. Lol. I always get disappointed when I think things like… that person much be so insightful! Then I hear them speak more, and not so much. Great advice. I usually find good material from things I don’t want to do. But I still don’t want to do them. 🙂

  6. I laughed aloud at “Eye candy should be silent” as well. I have only been called for jury duty when I absolutely could not go (young children at home). I’m actually a little disappointed that I haven’t gotten to serve. Especially if they show Young Frankenstein!

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