Taking the Day Off


Hubby in a fez because fezzes are cool

Hubby in a fez because fezzes are cool

Yesterday I went out on a date with my hubby. Both the kids were in school, he didn’t have work, and I took the afternoon off. And it was amazing. We just walked around downtown. Nothing spectacular and yet it was perfect, because I needed a break from everything.

I take time off to attend school things for my kids, to go to writers groups and workshops, and to get work done at home. But I almost never take a whole day off.

A Chai Latte I didn't have to share

A Chai Latte I didn’t have to share

I never have time, my to-do list is a mutant radioactive monster growing bigger each day. I can’t take time off.
Yet today I feel so much better. I have gotten more done, I’ve done it better, and my energy levels are higher.

Do you take time off to enjoy life? To read, walk, go to the movies, or hang out with friend? Or is everything you do something you can mark off on your to-do list?

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  1. My to-do list is a mutant radioactive monster, too. I love that description! I tend to want to throw the monster list out and start over with a baby monster list. It always mutates and grows fast. LOL. We do have to take some time for ourselves to recharge. Good for you for taking the afternoon off and spending it with your husband. 🙂

  2. I’ve ended up taking today off, I guess, entirely on accident. I worked this morning, got sick of this nagging cold, laid down, and slept FOUR hours! I had to look at the clock twice to make sure I really did that. I guess my body needed it.

    Not as fun as a day with the hubby or that chai latte, but there you go. I do feel much better.

  3. Your husband looks good in a fez. That cannot be said of many people. In nursing school, I would get bombarded with deadlines for papers, mandatory meetings, clinicals and their subsequent write-ups, labs for learning new skills, and on top of this, regular class meetings. There were plenty of times when I had to just shut the whole machine down for a day and do something silly, like reorganize the basement. In truth, this helped me to reorganize my mind. My house never looked as clean, organized and decorated as it did just before exams.

  4. I had this realization recently too. Between my regular paying job, my work at the dojo, writing my blog, and then writing, I never took time off! Normal people who work regular week day jobs get the weekends off where they don’t work at their jobs, so I figured I’d take one day a week off from all of my jobs. I sleep in, read, watch stuff on Netflix, play Super Mario Bros. with my boy, and just generally hang out. It’s nice. Like you, I feel so much better after and am much more productive. We all need time off to rest and regroup.

  5. I try to do a date with my husband at least once every two weeks. He’s the one that seems to lose when I’m really working hard. I still have meetings to attend to, housework and cooking, volunteer work and sometimes he does these things with me. But when I’m working on the computer he gets neglected. Since he’s the most important thing in my life I try to make time to show him he’s appreciated and I always get as much out of that as he does. Your husband looks great with a fez.

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