I hate 8 p.m. at night


Photo by @bastique

Photo by @bastique

Creative brain still going, brain that controls motor function—no better than a drunken monkey.

I get great ideas, all of which I write down because they are priceless, but my ability to do anything else doesn’t exist.

My mind is done. The kids are in bed and I have answered all the questions, solved all the problems, and made all the coherent thoughts that I’m going to for the day.

So why is my creative mind still working? Is it because I can finally hear it now that the constant drone of children is gone? Is the melted mass of brain revealing a creative part opening it up to light and fresh air so it can grow?

Whatever it is I don’t like it. I don’t like knowing exactly how to re-work a scene that has been plaguing me and spending the next thirty minutes trying to write the word “the”.

Of course if I write consistently at the same time every day my functioning mind and my creative mind sync up and all is well in the Universe of which I am the center. But like all things that are good for me I don’t do them as frequently as I should.
Does this happen to you? How do you solve the creative/functional brain issues?

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  1. I still haven’t figured that one out yet. Sometimes I can write/edit during my lunch breaks but typically my free writing time comes at the end of the day when my son has gone to sleep (9pm or so). At that point, I feel the same way. I get ideas and what not but having enough mental brain power to be productive is hard. I have to coax them to work together by using music, tea or some other means. But if that’s the time you have, make the best of it.

  2. My theory is it’s because the subconscious is what stimulates creativity, and it never sleeps. It also cannot filter or distinguish what’s real so we build up this horde of stimuli that we have to deal with later. Then, when we finally relax enough to no longer want to think, the subconscious asserts itself, and sends our conscious brain its garbage.

    I actually make sure I take a break between work and writing. Then, I allocate a specific time to write, usually no more than an hour on weeknights. But I get second winds and I’m a not owl, so it’s probably easier for me.

  3. I have always been a morning writer but I discovered that what I really am is a morning editor and and in the afternoon is when I really get creative. Like you, I may know this but I have not yet worked the rest of my life around this revelation. Enjoyed the post.


    • Thanks Karen I have children every where- personal and work so I don’t get to be picky I must write and edit when I have a free moment. I can just imagine how lovely it is to carve out time. Someday that will be me 🙂

  4. I’m unfortunately a night person. When my kids were little that was the quiet time when I could write. Used to write from 10pm to 4 am when the kids were old enough to get up by themselves. Doesn’t get me an award for mother of the year but it was the only time I had. Still tend to be a night owl. I suppose it’s whatever works for each of us.

    • We all have to find our time to write Karla, I think the important piece is being honest with yourself about when works best for you and not trying to force yourself into being ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ or someone else.

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