Life Before IMDB (International Movie Data Base)


I love IMDB, and almost every movie or show I watch I will check IMDB at least once to find out where else I have seen an actor, where I recognize a voice from, or because the movie is so good that I want to know what else the director, actors, writers have done!

Photo taken by christopherharte

Photo taken by christopherharte

I can’t imagine not being able to look up something right away. I should be able to, because I lived back in the dark times before IMDB *shivers* I have hazy, pain-filled memories of wracking my brain for hours trying to figure out who was doing the voice of a cartoon character, or what else I had seen that actress in.

My eyes feasted on the credits, pathetically hopefully that their name would ring a bell and I would be able to remember the information I was searching for.

Days would pass sometimes before the answer would come to me. I would be walking with friends gossiping about boys and window shopping and suddenly call out “Star Trek, that’s where I know him from!” My friends would look at me like I was crazy. I would explain how I was watching a movie, and couldn’t remember where I had seen the actor before and it suddenly came to me, Star Trek.

Photo by gb_packards

Photo by gb_packards

“Oh, okay,” they would say gently, as if loud noises would make me explode into a female Mr. Hyde. “What movie?”
Of course I could never remember the name of in that moment. This insured another random outburst hours or days later.

What is your favorite info website or app?

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  1. Yes, life before IMDB was painful. I am exactly the same way, looking up actors or movies immediately after watching something. Just recently I was watching Downton Abbey and was in agony trying to figure out what I’d seen an actress in before. I actually tried to remember on my own (tried for ages), but had no luck. I finally looked her up and it took me 3 minutes to find out that she’d played Catherine of Aragon in the Tudors. I should have looked her up sooner and saved myself the trouble!

  2. I use IMDB all the time. I’ve even gotten bad enough that I have the app on my phone. Makes it pretty easy to not have those terrible can’t remember anything moments.

  3. Many times I’ll be working on my laptop while my mom’s watching Netflix, and she’ll ask me to go over to IMDB and find out about a movie she’s looking at. So convenient.

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