Shopping for the Zombie Apocalypse


Zombies are big right now. Dreaming of the apocalypse, a time of no cell phones and getting to kill the people who piss you off, but only if they’re zombies of course, *whistles innocently* is something many of us daydream of. But this is serious business.

I mean what if something happens? What if there is a virus/catastrophe/fall of all that we know? Are you ready?
I thought I was ready until my son bounded out of his room all excited and showed me this:

Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet, for a mere $23,999 you can have the most comprehensive extermination and research kit I’ve ever found! It is sweet, and there a ton of super fun toys in it.

While checking out this kit out we found their selection of bug-out bags. These are pre-packed bags ranging in price and equipment for when you need to run. This bag stays packed. You grab it and go.

They have a video explaining the different bags and what is in them.

This made me a bit worried. I’m not at all prepared for anything like this. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have a meet-up place to tell others about, and I don’t have anything ready to go. Okay, so maybe I don’t need a $24,000 kit, but is it a good idea to have something like this just in case?

I mean a bug-out bag could also cover needing to run from law enforcement. I mean just in case I ever get caught 🙂 LOL

Do you have a plan? Twinkies packed and ready to go? A meeting place for the few people you hope survive? Enough ammo?

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  1. You’re actually in a good place, disaster-wise. The flash floods and electrical storms can be problematic, but they don’t tend to wipe out whole areas. No hurricanes, no tornadoes (although we did have one, once, when I lived there), no earthquakes… drought can be bad, but hey – it’s a desert.

    Of course, no one is safe from the zombies.

    We have three large barrels of earthquake supplies in our back yard. The hard part is keeping it current – it’s always a year or more before I get around to rotating the food stocks.

    • Yep- I’m tucked in the middle in a pretty safe zone, and I’m prepared to open a surf shop if we lose CA LOL! You need to make a holiday of it- have friends over check dates then make soup or something out of the food that is too close to being out of date to keep in the emergency kits.

  2. At a risk of sounding like a crazed survivalist, the sort with a burning gaze, permanently fixed on some horizon… Of course I do! Actually, since I live on a sailboat, it is essential kit. So far, we have only water, handheld GPS, flares, and assorted survival stuff. The next thing on the list is handheld radios for each of us, although this is more because we regularly loose our children in public places, and need a surer method of getting them back than: head for the highest statue in sight. This would also work for my plan to take over the nearest library if the apocalypse happens, so me and my mates (sic) can kick start civilisation… There’s no way to say that without sounding crazy, is there?

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