Waiting for Spock


Photo by Mary Carson

When my sister and I were little we would dress up in my mother’s old bridesmaid dresses and play games in the yard. Most of the time we played Star Trek. (The original series; the others weren’t around yet.)

We would be princesses of some planet, and we needed to be rescued. We would walk back and forth, yellow and peach taffeta twirling around us, as we worked out the details and searched for our rescuers. I almost always picked Spock to rescue me. My sister picked Kirk. Yes, she has questionable taste.

It worked out well as we never fought about over who would get which man; at least I never remember fighting.
In fact I don’t remember our fighting over anything when we played Star Trek. We fought a lot as kids and teens, but not then. See, Star Trek is a tool for peace.

To this day when I a feel a warm evening breeze, I am instantly taken back to the days when I sister and I were princesses of an alien world in mortal peril with our Star Fleet heroes coming to our rescue.

Who saved you as a child? Or were you the one doing the rescuing?

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  1. I love this! Especially since I fondly call my husband “Spock” because he’s SO logical. However, as a child, I imagined a made-up prince who did not rescue me exactly; he either fought the villains WITH me or showed up right after I had vanquished the enemy, just in time to whisk me away on his horse to the castle and live happily ever after.

  2. I didn’t need rescuing when I was a kid. I remember playing “war” with a couple of boys when one told me I was the nurse. Now nothing against nur
    ses, but it’s not me at all. I told him “No way! I’m a soldier!” When I did imaginary play I was fighting alongside the hero–me and Luke Skywalker! Or else *I* was the one rescuing the girl. 🙂

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