I need an irritating husband.


In trying to revamp my blog and make it better. I began reading other blogs, and I realized that my husband is holding me back.

I need witty banter and a frustrated husband so I will have good stories to tell.

For example, when I have spent all day sitting on the couch reading or watching bad SyFy movies, and the house is a mess, hubby doesn’t complain, ask me what I have done, or if I’ll ever clean anything. Nope he just cleans the house. Himself. With no snarky comments. How am I supposed to work with this?

I’ll give you another example:
Hubby comes home, sweaty and dirty (he builds Japanese gardens) says hi, asks about my day, takes a quick shower, naps, then cleans the kitchen so he can make me dinner.

One of hubby’s gardens.

Um, hello, how does this help me?? I mean sure I get an amazing meal, and the bugs run from the soap, but what about my blog? What about the witty banter and crazy arguments that will send me viral. Hm, what about that?

It’s really selfish of him to be so thoughtful.

One would think I could get good stuff from the kids, but they claim they have homework, need to go to school, and want to hang out with friends. But is that a valid excuse for not being around to provide me with proper material? I think not.

This blogging is hard work, I hope your families are more supportive in your blogging efforts then mine are.

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  1. What a burden you suffer under, my friend. I’m afraid you’ll find scant sympathy, even from your friends. You’ll just have to bear up under this misfortune. Maybe you can find a support group.

  2. No, trust me, you don’t need an irritating husband, Alicia. Lol. Men like him are rare. My guy is very similar in nature and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Except he doesn’t do Japanese gardens. Could I borrow your husband for a day or two? Love the photo!

  3. I would like to have this problem, except next time around, I must have more than one… Is it terribly politically incorrect for me to say that? *snort… but when I start dating again in earnest, Alica, I will bring them to your hubby for training. 😉

  4. LOL what a problem to have, huh? Mine’s the same way, except he has tons of stories about other people. But if I shared those, it might get me into a lawsuit, so I blog about history and books. Not real exciting, I know. Let me know if you come up with anything!

  5. How funny, Alica! Good for you having a great husband. You could always troll the family of origin or extended family for funny stories. I’m sure you have kooky cousins somewhere. 😉

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