Dance for Everyone who is Watching.


Flash mobs make me cry

I love flash mobs. Love them. I re-watch my favorites over and over again.

I love the ones that are just fun.

I love the ones that are marriage proposals.

The ones celebrities do.

And the ones that show classy can still be fun.

I think what I enjoy the most is the joy on people’s faces as they get to witness something so unique. I admire the people performing for being so fearless and vulnerable. But one things always catches me off guard, with the exception of Improve Everywhere, flash mobs always make me cry (they’re happy tears) all those people coming together to bring a few moments of joy into strangers lives. To shake things up and make an ordinary day magical. For me flash mobs help me remember that most people are good, kind, and there is hope. A flash mob is like a balm for my heart and soul, erasing the marks left by the news, unkind words, and fear.

Have you been in a flash mob? Or organized one? Would you join one if you could?

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  1. Love this. I agree, all those people coming together just to put a smile on a stranger’s face. Awesome. People rock!

  2. This was wonderful Alica! Thank you for the reminder that there are actually still enough people in this world that care about sharing smiles for flash mobs to exist!

  3. I’ve been in one and it was a blast! We showed up at the local university’s grassy area and just randomly started doing yoga. Then one of our local drum groups came and we started dancing. It was great when people joined in and danced with us! The people who walked by acting like they couldn’t see anything were funny too. We danced for about 10 minutes and then just stopped and left. I’d do another flash mob again in a heartbeat!

  4. I have been in flash mobs a few times. We mobbed well. The military is big on flash mobs and they go all out on the “flash” aspect. Flash mobs are not at all something new. Alexander the great was a master of flash mob activity. I think it’s a positive social evolution that most of the newer flash mobs don’t involve air strikes, me being shot at, or even require spears and shields. Mankind is indeed improving. I’m all for more no pants days and fewer wars.

    Napoleon would tell flash mob organizers to start handing out low budget medals in solemn ceremonies to improve the enthusiasm of their mobs.

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