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A French Cat Burglar, Awesomeness, and an update


A Cat in Paris is a fun animated movie. By day the cat, is the loving pet of a hurt little girl, by night he assists a cat burglar. This was a bit more violent than I thought it would be; they actually fist fight at one point. Of course, the cat makes sure the hero wins.

Not a movie for sensitive kids, or really young ones. But I thought it was very cute. I would watch it again.

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I thought about doing an update of my general life and how things are going, because I know you all care 🙂 Not much to report- I have done yoga or gone to the gym every day this week. I’m more active on FB and Twitter again, and back to reading blogs. I have written some, but life has been crazy so unfortunately I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping too.

How was your week> Any excited plans for the weekend?

I’m virtuous from far away.


I don’t remember what started it, but I was yet again saying “Patience is not one of the virtues I have.” Then I wondered what the others were, if I could remember. Thankfully my friend couldn’t remember either, so I didn’t feel like a total dork.

So we Googled it, and I now know all seven virtues:


I don’t think I have any of these. My friend laughed and pointed out that I do in fact have them, but she is looking at my life as a whole ,while I’m looking at my life day to day. And I realized my virtue is like Seurat’s painting A Sunday Afternoon.

From far away it’s a beautiful painting full of light, movement, clearly creating a clear image. But up close the picture blurs and all you see are the dots. Dots that make a dress, grass, or water. The picture is lost in the dots.
When I examine if I am virtuous, I see:

Photographer victoriapeckham

1.The pictures of half-naked men I’ve posted on Facebook this week.
2.That I yelled at the kids.
3.That I haven’t given money to anything recently.
4.That if given the chance, I will sit around and read while my to-do list grows by itself.
5.That I hate waiting.
6.That I ignored the kid who talks non-stop in the car.
7.That I bragged about my awesomeness.

My friend laughed and reminded me that:
1.I haven’t cheated on my husband.
2.That I am able to calm down kids throwing fits.
3.That I work for a charity.
4.That I have written, revised, and edited a novel.
5.That I will sit for hours in line at Comic Con.
6.That I am always willing to listen, offer a hug, and do my best to help.
7.uesI blush whenever I’m complemented.

This got me to thinking that maybe I should try to look at more of myself and my life from far away. Maybe by delving in to every aspect of my life with a microscope it’s easy to find mistakes, flaws, and failures. But if I step back and looked at the back week, month, year, then maybe I would be able to find the me that other people seem to see.
How to you judge yourself? Are you a better person from further away?

Smell your age!


photo by dollen

The other day at the gym the eye candy was lovely. There was a random hoard of roaming giants, all muscle bound and glittering with sweat.

When I finished with my hour and a half, okay, hour long , damn it, all right, my thirty minute workout on the elliptical. A powerful and amazing, calorie burning thirty minutes. I went to get a paper towel and some spray to wipe down the machine.

Before I reached the paper towels, one the roaming giants stepped in front of me.

The tattoo work on his shoulder, which was eye level to me, was skillfully inked on milk chocolate skin Hard, well-defined muscles shifted as he moved. I handled myself in a mature fashion, just managed to stop myself from squealing and pointing to him making sure my friend saw us.

Anyway, back to the point. As I watched him, admiring his tattoo work, appreciating the way his skin glistened with sweat, I noticed he smelled good. As he stepped away, the scent tugged at my memory, and then it came to me.

He smelled exactly like one of my daughters friends, a skinny little boy who plops himself in my lap with his bony butt digging into my leg, before racing through my kitchen to devour everything in sight.

Adult men and this boy should not use the same body spray.

This is not good, not good at all. I don’t want to be standing next to a tall, buff hunk of man and thinking of a skinny, teenaged boy. This is why everyone should smell their age. At some point, say graduating high school, you no longer get to wear Bod, and after age 24, any scent you wore during college should be set aside and new grown-up scents should be worn.

Please. I’m begging you. Smell your age, it helps your sex appeal.

What do you think, does the scent you wear change with your age?

I need an irritating husband.


In trying to revamp my blog and make it better. I began reading other blogs, and I realized that my husband is holding me back.

I need witty banter and a frustrated husband so I will have good stories to tell.

For example, when I have spent all day sitting on the couch reading or watching bad SyFy movies, and the house is a mess, hubby doesn’t complain, ask me what I have done, or if I’ll ever clean anything. Nope he just cleans the house. Himself. With no snarky comments. How am I supposed to work with this?

I’ll give you another example:
Hubby comes home, sweaty and dirty (he builds Japanese gardens) says hi, asks about my day, takes a quick shower, naps, then cleans the kitchen so he can make me dinner.

One of hubby’s gardens.

Um, hello, how does this help me?? I mean sure I get an amazing meal, and the bugs run from the soap, but what about my blog? What about the witty banter and crazy arguments that will send me viral. Hm, what about that?

It’s really selfish of him to be so thoughtful.

One would think I could get good stuff from the kids, but they claim they have homework, need to go to school, and want to hang out with friends. But is that a valid excuse for not being around to provide me with proper material? I think not.

This blogging is hard work, I hope your families are more supportive in your blogging efforts then mine are.

The first feature animated movie ever made!!


The Adventures of Prince Achmed was made in 1926, it is a silent movie created with handcut shadow pupptes- over 300,000 cuts were needed to create this movei.

This just proves that I have no patience at all. I can’t imagine how much time and talent it took to make this movie. It’s a Middle Eastern themed fairy tale- I have no idea how accurate it is to the original stories- butt he story is very fun. The delicate shadow puppets are so beautiful. I was able to see it at my indie theaters annual Children’s International Film Festival, complete with live musicians for the musical score!

Here’s a short clip from the beginning of the movie where they introduce all the characters.

If your local theater doesn’t have a Children’s Film Festival bug them until they start one.

Molding My Daughter Into a Joss Whedon Girl


Photo by RavenU

I don’t mean this to be creepy, I’m not preparing my daughter to become his concubine, or join his harem or anything like that, although for the right price I might sell her ….

And, yes, she is a fangirl, and can sing all the songs from Once More With Feeling, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. Yes, yes, I am very proud.

What I mean is I am trying to make my daughter into a badass warrior woman: Buffy, Zoe, Faith (but not when she was evil), River, Willow (again not when she was evil), and Kaylee you know what I’m talking about.

I want my daughter to be a badass. I want her to carry throwing stars tucked into her belt, I want the loser who puts drugs in girls’ drinks to be afraid the minute she steps into a room, I want my daughter to be able to back her ‘no’, and not wait for someone else to save her.

Hair and attitude ready for ass-kickings!

And it would be great if she looked awesome and had terribly clever things to say while kicking ass. No one likes a boring heroine.

Joss showed us that strong, powerful, fearless, kick ass woman can be beautiful, compassionate, and accessorize any outfit.

And that is what I want for my daughter.

So those of you with daughters what movie characters do you hope they grow up to become?

My deodorant has stopped working


I don’t know why, but every month when I get my period my deodorant stops working. It hasn’t always been this way, but apparently my older body now makes inferior hormones which have messed up my body chemistry.

Photographed by veganstraightedge

Every month it surprises me. I reach to get something then suddenly I smell dehydrated onions. I check. Yep it’s coming from be, but seriously WTH. I don’t even eat dehydrated onions! I’ve changed deodorants, but staying within the natural non-animal testing ones. And they work great except when I start PMS-ing. I even try perfume and those period hormones eat right through it, I can’t even smell it after an hour!

I think it’s time to try something strong enough it has killed bunnies when my period comes along.

So this morning I tried a regular deodorant.

I no longer smell like dehydrated onions, but some nose wrinkling, fake, ‘spring fresh’ crap. GUH, this might be worse. I guess I would have to ask those around me, does the spring fresh scent travel as far from my pits as the onion smell?

I suppose I could try another scent, or maybe an unscented one. Do those even work??

I Blame My Fellow Bloggers


Photo by alitaylor

A friend of a friend is putting together a photography book, and asked for volunteers to be photographed. Well this happened during a week that many of you were writing about being vulnerable, taking chances, and doing something you’re afraid of. So high from inspirational words and the desire to be more than I am right now, I said “yes.“
Now she’s ready to take pictures; she’s waiting for me to schedule an appointment so she can take my picture . . . where I will be naked!!! Yep, naked. Now I can choose partially naked, but that defeats the purpose of facing my fears doesn’t it *glares at all of you inspirational people.*

The book will be a collection of photos of moms, some with their children, mine are too old for that. The goal is to change the way we look at our bodies, the way we see beauty, and all that good stuff.

She’s a talented photographer and works in black and white, with lovely soft light so I have hope of the photo turning out well, but I haven’t made an appointment yet.


Because all that strength, beauty and good crap is deep, deep inside of me, under a layer of Ben and Jerry’s I’m storing for when the end times come.

Photographed by Caitlin

Can the proper pose and lighting mask skin stretched to the size of a small elephant never to return to its pre-parasite condition? Will black and white be able to cover up the fact that I prefer to sit on my ass and eat nachos all day long instead of doing sit-ups??

I doubt it. But I believe that her point is we should love our bodies as they are. Be grateful for their strength and the life they have carried and nurtured and all the crap is great, but I would like it more if I had a flat stomach and a size six waist.

I’m hoping I’ll be brave enough to do it.

Would you pose nude for an art book? If you have any advice?

Action movies, best parent guide ever!


This post was inspired by this Facebook conversation.

Logan McKenna: My mum just called me a wuss/loser. So I’m putting it up for a vote and letting y’all decide whether I’m a wuss/loser. lol
Stewart: god no

Rachael: I agree with stewart!

Logan McKenna: Thanks guys 🙂

Emily: no freaking way

Alica Mckenna Johnson: RUDE! He wasn’t able to do a hand stand push up. A mom has to have standards.

Logan McKenna: Hey, I wasn’t able to stay balanced after doing the push up.

Alica Mckenna Johnson: No excuses!! Would a Navy Seal be whining like this? I think not!

Logan McKenna: I was stating a fact not whining 😛

Alica Mckenna Johnson: whatever. It was in your tone.

Logan McKenna: How can you tell what my tune is over text? and so far it’s 4 to 1

Alica Mckenna Johnson: TONE your tone of voice, but the tune you are humming is also very whiny.

Logan McKenna: What tune was I humming? I don’t remember humming anything, unless you are saying that the hum of my heart is whining

Alica Mckenna Johnson: I didn’t want to say so in front of your friends but yes, yes it is.

Logan McKenna: Haha. I know there was a reason I liked to hang out around you just after I worked out so that my humming heart would annoy you

Alica Mckenna Johnson: lol. You’re such a brat
Logan McKenna: I am, and proud of it. And this brat is going to Circle K to get a Dr. Pepper

So this conversation got me thinking, what are the standards I have for my son? I thought long and hard about this, echoes from my feminist upbringing urging me to use words like sensitive, understanding, able to cook. And all of that is great but really I want my son to be able to do handstand push-ups on a bed of nails. Recycle glass bottles and fabric when he makes his Molotov cocktails, and dance to ‘Party Rockin’ while picking out the drug lord he needs to take out.

Logan in a most cunning hat.

Yes I want my son to be an action movie hero, with enough kung-fu movie hero to make him extremely lethal, and a dash of Joss Whedon hero because then he would have witty one liners and could cook.

Someday instead of Chuck Norris sayings there could be saying about Logan.

When Logan goes to save a puppy, angels cry at his compassion.

When Logan goes home, he travels over buildings because gods don’t walk upon the street.

When Logan gets diamonds for his mum, he makes them by hand.

So what movies have inspired your parenting skills?

A Musical Horror


The Fog is a Bollywood horror movie, now I LOVE Bollywood and horror movie. I’m even fine with bad horror movies, if they are fun and campy enough to make them good, in their own unique Attack of the Killer Tomatoes way.

Unfortunately The Fog doesn’t do this. There was some dancing, but it didn’t make up for the slow start and the boring ‘scariness’. And honestly I never did figure out why the called it “The Fog’.

If one of your goals in life is to watch every single horror movie ever made, then go for it. Hubby and I did manage to sit through the whole thing. But otherwise, just say no.

I am on the hunt for a good Bollywood horror movie, or one so bad it’s fun, any recommendations?

Sorry this is the only trailer I could find.