Come My Wonderful Spider Friends


My poor husband frequently listens to me ramble about my day. He smiles indulgently as I chatter on about irritating children, paperwork, and conversations I’ve had during the day. When I talk about people, he tilts his head a bit to remember the person and get a reference to who I’m talking about. However, due to how frequently I interact with people on the computer, instead of getting a reference hubby’s brow wrinkles and he looks at me needing a context.

I blush and say, “They’re someone I met on the internet.”

Why do I blush?

Because I am old enough to be a bit embarrassed about having friends I’ve only met on the computer. You see, back when I was a teenager, the internet and chat rooms were a breeding ground for psychopathic killers, rapists pretending to be little children, and losers living in their mothers’ basements with skin the color of a mushroom.

Seriously, the internet was full of danger, and you had to assume everyone you met was lying about who they are. It was a scary time. And even though I am past that, it was so ingrained in me as a teenager that I am still a bit embarrassed by having ‘internet friends’.

So I have decided to re-name all of you, from now on you are all my spider friends. Since we met on the ‘web’ it seems fitting, and because it’s such a brilliant name, I wanted to put it out here for everyone to use and so I have proof that I was the first one to think of it. 🙂

So now when I talk about you guys to my hubby and he makes that curious face, I simply smile and say ‘Oh, they’re a spider friend,’ and go on with my riveting tale.

Do you get embarrassed telling people about a friend you only know via the web?

For your music today I have Soluna Samay who made it to the Eurovision finals. I’m sad that she’s trained herself to sing in English without the accent. The outfits are odd, not sure what if any look they are going for.

I am out of town, we’re taking all the work kids to beach then I go to a drug awareness workshop so I won’t be back until June 22nd. Please leave comments, I promise to respond as soon as I get back!

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  1. Happy to be your spider friend! I have several friends who have made the transition from spider friends to face-to-face friends. I’m very careful, though, and don’t give out info until I’m sure they are who they say they are. Really, would a predator pose as a middle-aged female court reporter, I ask you?

  2. Haha, I LOVE the idea of spider friends! While some of the stigma of creating relationships online has faded somewhat, I think those dangers that you mention still lurk to a certain extent. I know my offline friends give me a weird side-eye whenever I mention my online writing friends, which is a huge bummer. Maybe I’ll start invoking the “spider friend” idea too!

  3. I have some lovely spider friends! (love that phrase) There is a group of us who have been together for over 7 years now. We keep in touch weekly, if not daily and many of us have met up in different states and even across the world.

  4. I don’t get embarrassed at all, as that’s how I met my ex wife. I don’t really know anyone who isn’t on the internet, including my 75-year-old mom, who Googles me constantly. I think the stigma has passed.

  5. I was never on the internet when it first started, not until the last few years so I don’t have those fears. I don’t mind being your spider friend, as long as you don’t smack me with a shoe!

  6. I like that moniker – Spider Friend! Spiders are beautiful, fascinating creatures. I have also learned to distinguish for my husband, so now I have cyberfriends. I’m hoping that sounds kind of like SuperFriends — you know, that TV show with Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, etc.

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