Week three of the crazy cleanse.


I am sorry my posts have been so hit and miss, as you can see crazy invaded my life and I was not prepared. Hopefully it will all be settled soon. On with the fun!

Day 15- This is you’re warning, I have started my moon (period), so this week will be full of whining bitching and probably TMI.

I’m feeling okay, actually I’m kind of proud I’m not craving anything bad for me. Maybe this won’t be so bad. Maybe I’ve done enough cleansing that I won’t have a rough time.

Day 16- My body hurts, my mind is a dark place, and I am sure everyone is just trying to piss me off. I’m pretty sure I could kill people right now and not feel bad a bout it at all. Normally I would eat from the four major food groups- gooey, crunchy, salty, and sweet and take Midol. However I’m concerned about taking medication while only eating fruits and an apple just isn’t the same as a pile of egg rolls.

I’m sure this cleanse thing is completely stupid and have to restrain myself from eating other foods.

Day 17- Apparently telling your personal training you’re in a ‘fucking bitchy mood’ is code for work me so hard I’m shaking on the floor, can’t breath any more, and start praying for death.

After working out I read smut and had a protein shake, then nap. I woke up feeling human. Unfortunately that only lasted until someone spoke to me, then I was pissed again.

Is this me on my period? Is this how I would feel every month without holy and blessed combination of Midol, ice cream, and nachos?

I really want a sandwich made from sourdough bread, nutella, and potato chips.

I managed to get the kids through their day and even read a bedtime story and no one burst into tears- but I was close several times.

I dreamt of a triple layer grilled cheese sandwich, it was crispy and one of the many cheeses melting down the side was brie.

Day 18- I woke up feeling human today! I smiled and got out of bed not nearly as sore as I expected to be. Got the kids ready, and didn’t want to stab anyone 🙂

Today I went with a friend to Phoenix and spent tons of money at LUSH. I haven’t indulged like this is forever. It felt great, I didn’t even feel guilty for spending that much money, of course what I got will last me a long time.

I got a fruit smoothie at the food court, my friend was sweet and got a salad. I was so excited by the LUSH I wasn’t even that bothered by all the food smells.

I had a great day, we got stopped by a cop on the freeway- I wasn’t driving, and went to a tattoo parlor, I didn’t get a new tattoo but I really want one.

Any way I’m glad I’m feeling normal again.

Day 19- I had a protein shake for breakfast because I was sore this morning, delayed reaction I guess.

I had a writers meeting which was fun, except for lunch which was a bit difficult to sit through.

At dinner the kids had pot pies, which smelled really good, I almost took one from the kids.

Hubby came down and asked me if I wanted dinner. I told him about wanting to steal the kids food he just smiled and told me there would be a treat with dinner.

Um hello I’m eating nothing but fruit what Kind of a treat could there be?

OLIVES AND PICKLES!!! Rod added a few olives and pickles to my dinner. They’re salty, sour, and the pickles a bit spicy. OMG they are so good. Nom nom nom.

Day 20 and 21- I am sick, tummy cramping, fever, I don’t even check my email sick. I drink some juice and Rod makes me eat a bit apple sauce. I sleep a lot, waking long enough to watch Torchwood and Sherlock then burrowing back under the covers to hide from the air conditioner- it’s 105 outside.

I am better now 🙂 Don’t worry my body is slowly coming back to normal. Also I have a video for you all to watch as I haven’t posted on Music Monday in two weeks! I think the back up dancers are cute- but I still don’t like white skinny jeans, sorry guys.

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  1. Hi Alica,

    Forgive me for coming late to your cleanse posts. I’ve been so swamped with dayjob work and a family issue that I’ve neglected blog reading. Happy to report I have the long weekend off and excited about catching up. Anyway…

    I hear you about the cleanse. I don’t know if you’re on it for physical fitness or medical reasons, but I had to go through a similar experience back in January. I learned I have something called “leaky gut syndrome.” As a result, I’ve had to go gluten-free and dairy-free. And this, coming from a cheese-and-crackers loving gal. I was so angry! But, I knew if I didn’t make drastic changes, the ill health and pain would continue. The doctor also warned I’d need a liver transplant within a decade, since my body views regular foods as toxins and my liver was on overdrive all the time. WAKE UP CALL.

    So I did it. (I also had to add a daily probiotic pill.) I felt starving all the time for about 6 weeks. I was a beeyotch to be around. Gradually, I didn’t miss bread anymore. (I tried the bread substitutes. Didn’t like them) I discovered Almond Silk Milk. Yum. That took care of my milk craving. I still miss cheese. But I don’t want to take the chance and go back to the way I used to feel.

    I’ve lost 17 pounds. I didn’t think I needed to, but I guess my body knew better than me. I feel better than ever. I have so much more energy, my side pain has disappeared, and my stomach bloating is GONE!

    The moral of the story is: Stick with it. You won’t regret it. It’s worth the struggle to get to the other side.

    Wow…didn’t mean to write so much. Keep with it. We’re here to support you. You can do this! 🙂

    • I am so glad you made it through and are feeling so much better! Giving up both wheat and dairy at the same time is so hard. I use to work in a health food store and whenever anyone was diagnosed with food allergies they would come to us for help usually tearful and angry. The big issue with Gluten free stuff is most of it is made with a lot of dairy. I’m planning on keeping up my healthy eating log adding reviews about different products and recipes, maybe you’ll find something here to help. I’m almost done at this point and yes I have been less then pleasant but I think I have broken a lot of my unhealthy eating habits, or at least weakened them.
      Thank you for the support- it really helps me keep focused. ((hugs))

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