Amazons, Jelly Beans, and Marcy Kennedy


The lovely and talented Marcy Kennedy stopped by to hang out today.

Marcy Kennedy is a fantasy author who also works as a freelance writer for magazines, newspapers, and non-profits and a freelance editor for both businesses and individuals. Her current work-in-progress is a co-written historical fantasy about Amazons. When she’s not wrestling unruly commas, she spends her time with her equally nerdy husband, her Great Dane, and more cats than she’s willing to admit to in public. You can visit her at her blog, Life At Warp 10 where science fiction, fantasy, and real life collide, or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest.

1- When the zombie apocalypse comes what is going to be your weapon of choice?

My husband and I actually had a little debate about this. He thought the best choice would be a shotgun because a regular bullet isn’t going to stop a zombie—you need to blow their head off. I argued that a shot gun takes too long to reload, and by the time you do, the rest of the zombie hoard has eaten your brains. I thought a flame thrower would be better. You can take out multiple zombies at once without the need to reload, but my husband pointed out that I’d eventually run out of fuel. We decided the best weapon when the zombie apocalypse comes is actually going to be a sword. Yes, it requires close quarters, but you never have to reload and you never run out of fuel or ammo.

I agree a sword is a very good choice.

2- What do you think werewolf musk smells like?

Like skunk. I know that sounds weird, but something that smells bad when it’s strong can smell good when it’s incredibly faint.

That’s a interesting idea. I hadn’t thought about a faint skunk odor smelling good.

3- What mad-ass survival skill do you have?

I guess that depends on whether you’re looking for Hunger Games-type survival skills or end-of-the-world survival skills. But I’m a great hider. I rocked hide-and-seek as a kid and everyone wanted me on their team for capture the flag in university because I’d disappear in one spot and turn up in another. And you can’t kill me if you can’t find me 😉

Hiding is highly under rated as a survival skill. It does make me think of Aliens when they found the little girl hiding in the vents when the rest of the colony had died.

4- We’re all supposed to be eating healthy, but what naughty treat tempts you the most?

Only one? Can I combine them? Like create a jelly bean topped cheesecake filled with ice cream? Ooo, and with a brownie crust. And use buttercream frosting to hold the jelly beans in place on top…I think I better stop now. I’m getting hungry.

You are in charge of all desserts.

5- What do you love most about your current book?

I love the chance to take a historical setting and add fantasy elements to it. My current book is co-written with Lisa Hall-Wilson and focuses on the Scythians (who were a real society that terrorized the Greeks) and the Amazons (who were myth). Because we both love history, we relished the research element for the Scythians. And I loved the world-building involved with the Amazons.

How fun! At this time in my life I don’t have the time to research well enough to do a historical novel, but I do have some ideas bouncing around in my wee little brain.

Marcy thank you so much for visiting with me today. I had a great time getting to know you better.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me here today! Can I take that baby skunk home with me for a pet? I’m sure it’d fit in perfectly with my cats 😉 No one would even notice.

  2. I can’t believe you found a picture of a cake topped with jelly beans 🙂 And, for anyone who questions whether Marcy and her hubs actually had said conversation – I can attest to the truth that they do indeed have these kinds of strange conversations – in restaurants, in airports, in cars on the way to the airport…
    haha Great interview.

  3. Great interview, Marcy. Can’t wait to read yours and Lisa’s book. Sounds very cool. So, you’re like Rue in the Hunger Games. 🙂 It was fun getting to know you better.

  4. Very fun interview and responses, ladies! Good job! Werewolves smell like skunk, hmmm? Interesting….I’d have said maybe “Old Spice” or something like that, because they are humans and do take showers, right? 🙂 As for the dessert, that looks awesome! Pass some over this way!

    • Now you have me LOL-ing 😉 I can remember being a kid and being in the woods with my dad when he explained to me that, if I smelled just a hint of skunk, it wasn’t a skunk at all but probably a fox instead. That’s stuck with me (though it’s zero help to you). Maybe faint skunk is an acquired taste…scent…thing.

      • We had a family of skunks trapped under the house once. I remember that smell…and inside the house it was probably pretty faint. And…yep, it was pretty stinky! lol. Can’t say I’ve smelled a fox though. I just googled it though (because yes, I can be easily distracted by this sort of thing) and apparently skunk smell glands are used as a carrier for perfume because they hold scent a long time. So that favorite perfume? It probably has skunk oil in it. According to the internet. The thought makes me giggle.

  5. Marcy and Alica, I loved the interview. It was so much fun reading your opinion on Zombie killing tools (I’d go with the sword, too) and that desert is to die for. Will you share the recipe?!

  6. I know I am really late to this party but I’m glad I found it. What a great interview! You know, I would never question that conversation between Marcy and her husband because it sounds like one my husband and I would have. Those are some of the best conversations.

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