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Review: Give Your Opinion on Opinions


As an author I crave reviews as deeply as I crave chocolate, the next great idea, and words that flow like the purest fountain of literary brilliance.

However, as an author I’m very reluctant to give reviews. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and a review after all is just someone’s opinion. You know what they say about opinions . . . .

So my current plan is to take the completely wussy way out of this predicament. I plan to review books only if I would give them 4 or 5 stars.

I’m still hesitant to write reviews. I don’t know why. Maybe I haven’t figured out the deeper meaning an author was hoping I’d get. Maybe I will find something funny that they hadn’t meant to be funny. This list of my worries goes on and on.

Anyway, to my point and yes there is one, as an author do you review books? Even if you would give them a 2 or a 1?

As an author if I would give your book a 3 or lower would you still want me to review it?

And before any of you panic, my TBR list is huge. Do not think I didn’t like your book if I haven’t reviewed it. I probably haven’t had time to read it yet!

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.


So if you like odd, cheesy, Chinese movies, you might enjoy this one. It made me laugh at times. Dr. Donkey Wong *snickers* and some parts were interesting with nicely done fight scenes. I won’t watch it again, but I don’t feel like I was wasting my time.

This is one best enjoyed with others who will have fun laughing and heckling the movie.

I would keep this teens and up, there is some nudity and violence: people burning alive and such.

What Means Home to You?


From age six to twelve I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. The Big Dipper was the first constellation I ever found and is very bright and easy to find in Alaska. When we moved from Anchorage to Walnut Creek, CA I went out night after night looking for the Big Dipper. It took a week or so, but once I found it, I felt settled and at home. I don’t know why my twelve-year-old self decided that a group of stars signified so much to me, but there you have it, and it stuck.

When I moved to Tucson, AZ it took three months before I was able to find the Big Dipper in the night sky, and the minute I did something within me relaxed. I was home now.

When ever I see the Big Dipper in the sky I smile and know I’m home. I haven’t moved since coming to Tucson, and I have to wonder if I moved now as an adult would I still look to the sky desperately searching for a group of stars to let me know that I am home?
Do you have anything that you need to have to feel at home?

Naps = Awesomeness


I love naps. Not only do they help me feel better, but they also make me feel indulgent because not everyone is lucky enough to be able to nap during the day. As a writer, I think napping is important because it allows my subconscious mind room to plot and plan. It also keeps me from turning into a grumpy bitch when I have stayed up late writing, plotting my next novel, reading a book, talking to my teenager (why does he only want to talk after 9pm?) or possibly maybe staying up watching a Firefly marathon.

I’m giddy when I go to take a nap, smiling and jumping onto the bed and snuggling under the covers. Naps are a very happy part of my day.

One interesting fact, at least it’s interesting to me, I don’t move when I nap. I don’t know why. I lie on my side, fall asleep and wake up in the same position. If I can keep napping, I move then, but while I’m sleeping I don’t move. Why? I’m all comfy in bed, so why don’t I shift while I’m napping? I move around when I sleep at night. It’s just weird, and this morning, while I’m too tired to work on my WIP, it seems interesting enough to be a blog post.
Do you need anything special when you nap?

Today’s music Monday is the Romanian contest for the Song Contest and a little eye candy of the female kind 🙂



Hello everyone!! I am done re-editing Phoenix child and finally coming up for air. I made myself schedule an appointment with the formatter so I would slack off too much, and I finished just in time 🙂

So I didn’t do much of anything but edit and work this week, which was important but everything else got put on hold.

So my goals for next week- get back into my routine.

Write 1000 words a day- no interwebs until I am done.

Scan blogs and read those that catch my eye- I like to do this daily so they don’t become overwhelming and chore and stay fun.

Write last lesson of my online class and have hubby look it over for advice and improvements.

Exercise daily- if I can’t make it to the gym then I want to do something at home even if it’s only 5 min of stretches.

Taking Baby Steps (thanks Myndi) to helping with meals. Hubby makes them and is tried so they tend to be tasty but not as healthy as they could be. So this week I am going to make beans and keep a vegetable tray stocked int eh fridge. If there is dip and cut veggies ready to go we will all snack from their, other wise we chose chips and cheesy things.

Okay I’m sure I could make this longer, but I’ll try not to over do it 🙂

How’s everyone else doing???