Daily Archives: February 29, 2012

Bitches or Subs:Where are all the normal women in fiction?


Okay I know this rant doesn’t cover ALL books, and of course I don’t mean yours 🙂 But seriously I’m getting a bit tired of reading books where the women either fall into a submissive housewife role as soon as they have a steady guy or are rude bitches pretending to be strong.

Does no one remember Captain Janeway? Strong, competent, sexy, and sensitive? Wow! A whole person who’s also a woman in power. Are we sure it can be possible? Or how about ANY of Joss Whedon’s female characters?

A more important question is why are women writing these one-dimensional female characters? Why is it romantic for a young girl to completely give over her self, her life choices, and her safety to a guy? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a sexy dom/sub story. But these aren’t thought out choices of a strong couple. These are young girls losing themselves in their guy. Of course they don’t lose much because they tend to be boring to begin with.

The other side of this is the bitch. These are the supposedly “strong women” who treat people like crap, cuss, ignore the needs of others, and are completely emotionally unavailable. When did strength become acting like a jerk and refusing to compromise?

I’m sure if I had a degree in psychology or if I turned my crazy writer brain from my current manuscript, I could create all sorts of interesting character profiles, but really I need to keep working on my current projects. I shall refrain from psychoanalyzing people, for now.

Why do you think we have come to this new trend? What are some of your favorite female characters? What is it you love about them?