The Secret of Kells


This is a beautifully animated movie from Ireland. The art is so amazing you could turn the sound off and be completely captivated for the full length of the movie. But don’t do that because the story is a great one. I rarely give plot synopsis because I suck at them and it sounds all fake and stupid. I will say this movie makes me think, as I struggle to protect myself and my family for the dangers in life, am I forgetting any of the important things? Am I so caught up in my worries and fears that like the Abbot I have forgotten the beauty and joy in life I’m trying to protect?

The Secret of Kells has everything you want in a childrens/ family movie; a great story, fun characters, history, and a lesson without being preachy.

Okay this trailer highlights the more suspenseful parts of the movie, but there is also a lot of humor and fun.

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  1. So. Incredibly. Gorgeous. And a really different style of animation, too, though it reminds me a little of the Zelda Wind Waker game (which is also gorgeous, omg).

    I’ve been lingering on this in Netflix for so, so long, but that preview really cemented for me that I truly do need to finally watch this film.

  2. שלום, רציתי להמליץ לכם על חברה העוסקת בהתקנה ובניה של סככות. באתר, פרופיל החברה וכן תמונות סוככים נבחרות.

  3. I know the history of the book, so I wasn’t out of the loop, however in the end it was a very dull plot 🙂 However the visuals– one of the most inspired works I have seen in a very, very long time.

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