I have a book cover!!!


I just got back with a book cover and I had to share it- I’m so super excited!

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  1. very Impressive! Congratulations. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes I buy a book just because of the cover. This is one of those!

  2. hi, my screen name is briteeyes32000, and i wish to learn how to publish my own e-book. I am currently writing an AU harry Potter story and have been told by several people that as long as i have a disclaimer saying that the original stuff doesn’t belong to me, that i can publish it. So could you please send me the information on how you did it. My email address is: briteeyes32000@yahoo.com. Any help would be helpful. Thanks.

    • I replied to you privately but I wanted to publicly stat that you cannot publish ANYTHING related to Harry Potter- JK Rowling has been lovely and supportive of fanfic, but that is completely different. While I got the courage and support from the fanfic world to try writing original fiction I have taken nothing from Harry Potter. Phoenix Child is 100% original fiction.

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