How do you measure badassness?


I have to admit that for me an alpha male has to be a badass. I also like them to be intelligent, sweet, caring, and able to cook and clean, but in the end it’s the badassness that makes me swoon.

So what kind of badass things do I like to see my men do?

Okay, so being able to handle a weapon is hot. Not necessarily a gun, unless you’re doing something seriously badass, but swords, knives, or staffs, those are cool.

Climbing a rope. This is a mad skill. It’s not easy to climb a rope, and if you can do it without using your legs . . . OMG that is hotness.

But my newest measurement of badassness is handstand push-ups. Dude. Seriously. They are way hot. There is something very sexy about a man who can do handstand push-ups.

So how do you measure badassness? What does your alpha male or female need to have?

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  1. 🙂 I’m a sucker for some badassness myself. LOVE the scene in Crazy. Stupid. Love. where the Ryan Gosling character does “the move” if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look just for that. Oh, and he does some handstand pushups too. So badass. I get all gushy when it’s just that unconscious strength. Like casually vaulting a 4 ft fence or fielding a softball or snagging a football out of a mass of flailing bodies or jumping out of a helicopter or carrying Scarlett up that flight of stairs… –sigh–

  2. That handstand guy is definitely badass! And watching the dude climb up and down the rope made ME exhausted. I cannot imagine. I love watching Chuck Norris type fighting. That does it for me. I love the intricate moves and defensive motions.

  3. Run. I know that should go without sayin’. But seriously, I think it’s kind of cool to see a man really pumping his arms, flying with those feet, hair in the wind, sweat on his brow, and covering lots of ground in a short time. You can probably think of a lot of movie scenes where the hot guy runs and oozes manliness as he does. My two cents, Alica.

  4. He/she needs to have integrity, for themselves and others, like crazy. Seems to lend itself to other advantages, like staying healthy and fit, pursuing passions, a sense of humor, etc. Fun post, Alica!

  5. Fighting skills are a must! And not those flying around totally unrealistic moves, but real street fighting. A good stare down is bad-ass. I also like the “I-am-cool-under-pressure” hero. One of my favorite scenes in any movie is when Aragorn is fighting the Ringwraiths on Weathertop in The Fellowship of the Ring. He’s dispatched most of them and is standing with his back to one. He has this cool little Mona Lisa smile just before he turns and flings his torch right into the Wraiths face. Bad Ass.

  6. Okay, going to wade into this pond! Great post Alica,

    Hmm. Well, he’s got to be physically fit and big. By that I mean wide of shoulder and long of leg. I don’t mean over muscled either but a lean, mean fighting machine.

    However, he also needs a dark broody side which can almost tip him into being a bad guy. I think it helps if he’s a tortured soul. Having said that I don’t like too much angst if you know what I mean, it becomes tedious after a while. But … his love for the heroine keeps him teetering on the brink before he topples into the path to redemption.

    Oh, and he needs to have a killer sense of humour. I don’t ask for much in a hero do I? But I wouldn’t say no to Keanu Reeves!

    • Big- yes I don;t want to be bigger then the man I’m with! And Brooding as long as it’s manly contained angst and not pouty emo teenage angst I’m with you 100% Thanks CC- we should go man hunting together LOL!!!

  7. Alica,

    Can I say I love how you’ve set up this blog? All the links stay at the top of the page making it dead easy to follow or link etc. You don’t make me jump through hoops. Good job, kiddo.

    • Have you seen Ninja Assassins? Great movie lots of awesome fight scenes, and apparently due to the amount of blood spurting ever where ninjas are made of skin and blood- nothing else could fit into their bodies LOL!

  8. Oh yeah, the little knowing smile just before some badass move that takes out half the big bads makes me weak in the knees. But I swoon at an unexpected tenderness from the badass with the heart of gold. 🙂 Fun post, Alicia.

  9. They are all badass! Come on, how can they not be? I mean, hand stands on spikes, really? But who doesn’t love watching Prince Nuada show off all his skills with weaponry? Thank you Alica. 😀

  10. I agree with all of the above! My badass alpha male has to know how to handle all kinds of situations with integrity and confidence. He muscular but agile, strong but gentle as needed. Great post! Thanks for all the visuals. 😉

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